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Wriggling Woods: Worms Crazy Golf

I'm a huge admirer of the gentleman's sport of crazy golf, or as I prefer to call it, Bedlam Roughage & Greens. Combining that most elegant of pursuits with the antics of Team 17's Worms, forming some kind of Worms Crazy Golf, seems a sensible plan and a few videos of the (mercifully) 2d title have now appeared online. It all looks very agreeable, although I hope the puzzle-type layout of the levels doesn't mean there won't be plenty of room for a more chaotic approach. The game is due on Steam on the 19th of this very month of October and there are several videos of golfing worms below.

First up: worms playing golf in a pirate cove. Zany!

Now, worms playing golf in, er, the British countryside? Barmy!

Last and possibly least, worms playing golf in a variety of environments, which are actually just the two you've already seen! Preposterous...? Probably one trailer too many, to be honest. It does look quite fun though, doesn't it?

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