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WWE 2K19 leaps off the top turnbuckle

Slam your body down and wind it all around

The dramatic clotheslines, hairlines, and plotlines of the world's second-best soap opera (after Sunset Beach, obvs) have slammed ito PC once again, as WWE 2K19 launched this morning. 2K's official licensed take on sports entertainment might not be the most technical wrassle 'em up (look more to Fire Pro Wrestling for that) but it is the shiniest, and not just cos 2K hose their sports games with high-tech sweat. If you want hundreds of WWE folks recreated in fancyvision, not forgetting making your monstrosities in the character creator, this is the shiniest option around. And it sounds like this year's game is pretty deece - if you aren't hit by the bugs some players are reporting.

Once again, the game sees WWE wrestlers slamming their bodies down and winding them all around. It features a story mode where we can make our own oddball, though it's not a full career mode, as well as a 'Showcase' mode which follows key moments in the career of Daniel Bryan through a combination of videos and in-game smackdowns. Plus loads of modes to just make people generally fight, in singleplayer, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer.

I am, as ever, excited to see the strange and wonderful wrestlers people make in the character creator.

Initial Steam player reviews are largely positive buuut a number of folks are complaining that the game runs in slow-motion or, worse, crashes. Might want to wait for a patch. Or buy it and get a refund if it sucks, I guess.

WWE 2K19 is out now on Steam for £40/€50/$60. It's made by Visual Concepts and Yuke's.

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