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WWE 2k22 is out now with big, regrettable DLC plans

It's apparently a functional game though

WWE 2k22 is out now on Steam, and if Steam reviews are any indication, it's pretty good. That's not a given: WWE 2k20 was so busted, in both funny ways and not, that the series took last year off.

Now that it's back and in form, 2K Games have outlined plans for new characters to be added to the game via post-launch DLC. It includes *checks list* hoo boy.

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In terms of its feature list, WWE 2k22 sounds pretty similar to previous games on the list. The things they're leaning on are pretty vague - "redesigned gameplay engine" and "new controls" - but the takeaway is: it's less buggy, the controls aren't garbage, maybe the multiplayer will even work now, etc. It'll cost you £50/€60/$60.

If you'd love to spend more money, 2K outlined plans to add 28 new characters to the game via five content packs. Each pack contains between five and seven new playable fighters, and they feature favourites like Cactus Jack, nostalgic picks like Mr. T, and, uh, Logan Paul and Machine Gun Kelly. You can look through the full list and pick your own favourite reason to wince.

There's no word on pricing for these individual packs, but the season pass includes all of them and that costs £33. In writing this post, I fell down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and spent 40 minutes reading about the British Bulldog. Nothing I read has any relevance to this post but I'm justifying the time wasted by mentioning it here anyway.

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