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Getting to the point: Yankai's Peak on PC this week

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Remember I posted about Kenny Sun's triangular puzzler, Yankai's Triangle? You rotated triangles to match the coloured points with neighbouring triangles. WELL. Sun is releasing Yankai's Peak [official site] which converts the triangular idea into a triangular pyramid idea and has you waggling your new 3D friends across a board and into their designated spaces. OBSERVE:

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It's been out for a little while on mobile but the PC release was held up waiting to pass the now-defunct Steam Greenlight system. I have an early build in my library and I've tried out the first few levels. What you're doing is using WASD to move one of the pyramids and the arrow keys to designate pivot points. Those pivot points let you specify where a pyramid will move when you push into it as it will always rotate around that point.

It's a neat mechanical idea but I will say it's taking my fingers a while to get used to as I keep defaulting to the arrow keys for movement instead.

I'm not far enough in to know how the puzzling shapes up beyond the starting zone but Sun also has a sense of humour which gets folded into these projects and this game has a title sequence that made me laugh out loud. There are also magnificently overblown transformations between levels.

As per Sun's own explanation:

YANKAI'S PEAK. is a love letter to PYRAMIDS. A colorful PYRAMID-pushing puzzle game about the beauty and joy of being a sentient blue PYRAMID.

  • Pretty cool gameplay.
  • Over 130 handcrafted levels.
  • 7 PARTs each exploring a unique multifaceted mechanic.
  • Meditative sound design.
  • A sick intro.

It'll be out on 13 July, so Thursday, on Steam priced at £3.99/4,99€/$4.99 with a 20% launch discount.

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