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Yessss: Zeno Clash II's Trailer Looks Crazier Than Ever

In Zeno Clash II, there is punching and uppercutting and kicking and kneeing and winged lion people and juggle combos and bird men and claw guns and cities that look like the industrial age as imagined by a sentient piece of chewing gum and a case of severe underbite that probably wasn't fixed because dentists rarely work with those wooden things people put paint on and piledrivers and arms coming out the ground and aaaaaaijnfdisnfinidnsekfdkffffffffthrp

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That's probably not even a fourth of the components that make up this trailer's beautiful bouquet of pure madness, but my words stopped working, so I just spat all over my monitor for a few minutes. And while a fully explorable world's the obvious big addition here, it looks like Ghat's picked up quite a few new powers to give his punches some extra oomph. Or whatever the bird-beak-caving-in equivalent of "oomph" is.

I spotted a tether that transfers damage to multiple enemies, some kind of ricocheting gun, and all sorts of snazzy new melee strikes. Enemies seem to have beefed up their inevitable-beatdown-stalling strategies, too, so there's quite a lot to look forward to here.

Ace Team and Atlus still haven't nailed down a concrete date, aiming instead for the increasingly narrower window of "early 2013". But you want to know more now. I can see it in your Rubik's Cube that's probably also symbolism for the role of the author in absurdist fiction. And fortunately, Past Jim is here to save the day. He had a fairly lengthy chat with Ace Team last year, and it's well worth a read. So get to it. Now then, I have some more spitting to dottttttrrhrhweionbmcfffttpppttt.

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