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You Can Planet Yourself: Gameglobe

I'm surprised Square Enix don't hold their own E3 press conference. With their current line-up (Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Thief IV, Quantum Conundrum, Dead Island: Riptide, Hitman) they could have pipped Ubisoft to "win" E3 hands down, rather than offering highlights during console owners' dismal shows. Also, that conference would have featured the reveal of Gameglobe, a free-to-play, browser-based create-your-own action game. And stop that sighing, because despite everything, you'd have sat up and taken notice.

Watch this:

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If this is really as versatile as this trailer implies, it could be extraordimentary. It seems to offer the ability to create both third-person action games, and platformers, which you can then share with others. And that level creator looks bloody beautiful, painting in scenery like a GOD.

Clearly they'll need to work hard on features that allow the best creations to float to the surface, because there'll be a lot of dross. But if, like me, you crave more decent third-person actioning on the PC, it seems inevitable that the real amateur talent out there will generate some interesting stuff. And it'll be free, for some reason. That does of course bring in some troubling ideas, like how they'll monetize it - the idea of being charged extra for new building blocks, objects, animations, etc, sounds horrible. It'd be a real shame if they went in that direction.

There's a peculiar publishing deal, shared between both Square and German pubs, Bigpoint, for a game created by Square-owned Danish devs, And right now, details are pretty scarce. But I'm telling you, if they'd shown this on the big screen, right after some brutal murders in Sleeping Dogs and before showing Lara have every bone in her body meticulously broken in a series of six hundred and forty falls, the whooping would have been heard from here.

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