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You Do Have To Be Mad To Live There: Lylian

What you need right before going to bed is to watch this creepy-ass trailer for Lylian, made by the excellently named Pixelpickle. It's properly intriguing. Watching the opening cinematic of an institutionalised girl and her teddy, it's hard to predict it's going to be a side-scrolling platformer. But there it goes, with the unfurled long sleeves of her straight jacket used as weapons. Of course. And it looks, like I said, intriguing. Lylian's poweful imagination - the thing that maybe got her locked up in the first place - means she can reinterpret the miserable interiors of the institution as wild, colourful lands. You can see this in the trailer below.

What's also piqued my interest here is the suggestion that Lylian may be genuinely insane, rather than perhaps misunderstood and unfairly confined. A comic that gives some more details, available on the game's site, has Lylian talking about her teddy bear, Bob (her own creation, built from parts of stolen toys), who "never walked before we got chucked in this joint." A bear she believes is maybe full of ghosts, hungry for donut jam.

The new trailer, featuring the cinematics and in-game stuff, is right here:

Cover image for YouTube video

And here's earlier trailer showing some more in-game footage:

Cover image for YouTube video

The game will be episodic, with the first part apparently appearing "soon".

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