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You, Me and Eee

"You know what would be great?" said Jim, looking me square in the IM window. "Kittens the size of buildings?" I replied. "Yes, yes it would," he wistfully responded before getting back to the point. "But also if you were to review the gaming capabilities of your all new Asus EEE."

In my heart I knew he was right. But then the cold, harsh reality of my own massive incompetence struck home. That would involve... technology. "Can I get a man in?" I wondered to myself, Kieron somehow knowing this was my thought and smirking to himself at the innuendo, wherever he may have been. Now, I'm no fool - I'm not about to fill the 4GB of flash memory with Windows XP. Frankly, that would be too easy. I'm sticking with Linux here: FOR THE CHALLENGE.

I then thought to look on some forums to look for helpful guides to unlocking the EEE's potential. Ha ha ha! As if Linux people would offer help to those who don't already have a degree in Linux. "Run the deb .3fd file with a trivert culumbus modulator, xdrting it in the command line with the usual _)xx command definitions. If this causes an 88 X-PT error, simply reflash the hard drives with a standard lucu rebuff, and install Uruntee as usual..."

Then I thought about you.

Each and every one of you. I trust you in a way that's frankly sexual, and I realised that if I were ever to be the man who could bring the world an interesting blog post about the EEE and games, I could only do it with your help. Fill my comments thread with your tips, links to excellent online guides written in English For The Terminally Useless, suggestions for games, and brilliant tweaks and tricks for, I don't know, figuring out how to get at the KDE desktop that apparently is already installed but I'm buggered if I can find thanks to the Fisher Price interface. That sort of thing. Together, together we can literally create a post that over 15 people might read.

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