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You Should Follow The Development Of IT Simulator

For a while my favourite Twitterer (and Tumblrer) was Chelsea "pixelatedcrown" Saunders, whose accounts mainly shared GIFs of the strange, beautiful, cute and funny low-poly games she was making. Unfortunately (for me), Saunders' work earned her a job at Google and she posts less often now. But good news! Rebecca aka @nonplayercat is now fulfilling the same purpose in my Twitter timeline. Check these adorable GIFs out, from the farming-and-creature-befriending game Moblets [official site], the computer-fixing IT Simulator [official site] and miscellaneous animations.

This is what IT Simulator looks like, with all its lovely flat-shaded surfaces and diegetic interfaces:

And here's a few examples of Moblets. Isn't this mushroom fella adorable?

I don't think this is from any particular game, though it looks a little like the art in Moblets.

Moblets is an early-days side project, whereas IT Simulator has been in development for longer, so there's much more to see. Including:

There's plenty more wonderful GIFs of IT Simulator at that game's TIGSource devlog. I have no idea if it's something I'd want to play, but I very much enjoy looking at it and recommend its GIFs 100%.

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