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Zachtronics are collecting all their solitaire games together in September

Plus a new tarot-themed version of the classic card game

Former indie puzzle specialists Zachtronics are releasing another game despite having closed their doors earlier this year. It’s a collection of their many minigame interpretations of the classic single-player card game, solitaire. The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection releases on Steam on September 6th, and adds a new version themed around tarot decks. Each version of the card game has been updated with 4K graphics. Have a sneaky peek at the trailer below.

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection rounds up all the versions of the single-player card game from indie puzzle-maestros Zachtronics.Watch on YouTube

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection includes all solitaire minigames that the indie developers featured in their games from 2016 up to this year. Up first is Shenzhen Solitaire, a FreeCell-inspired version with mahjong tiles. Then there’s Sigmar’s Garden, which uses alchemical symbols from 2017’s Opus Magnum, and an asymmetrical variant involving suits and colours called Proletariat’s Patience. Kabufuda Solitaire uses Japanese kabufuda cards, natch, while Cluj Solitaire lets you cheat, if you’re careful enough.

Cribbage Solitaire does exactly what it says on the tin but, awesomely, does so using a real-life Cold War aircraft recognition deck. Sawayama Solitaire is a fast reimagining of Klondike and the final minigame included from past games. The collection’s completed by the new Fortune’s Foundation tarot-themed minigame. That one tells your fortune when you win, Zachtronics say.

Zachtronics have disbanded and won’t be making any more games in the future, but they’re still ticking over in some form. The company’s actual final game was Last Call BBS, which launched in July. That’s on Steam and GOG, and you can give it a go on PC Game Pass too. It’s another collection of minigames, some of which are based on Zachtronics’ earlier releases such as SpaceChem and TIS-100.

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection deals its way onto Steam on September 6th. I can cardly wait.

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