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Zelda, Contra become VR retro delights in 3DNes V2

NES games in VR look weird and I want them.

If you're anything like me, you're drowning under the purchases of games that have been re-released or remastered on a new platform, even if you've bought that same game several times already in your life. I do not know how or why I needed to drop $20 on a copy of Turok: The Man Who Hates Dinosaurs And Also Bad Dudes so I could play it on my Xbox One, yet here we are. If I had the hardware, I'd rather be sinking my time into revisiting all my favorite retro titles from a... different perspective... if you see where I'm going with this.

Old games look cool in VR. There. That's what I was getting at. Anyhow, the 3DNes has a new version available for download and I think you're going to want to see this.

3DNes is a Unity-based emulator that, as you might have guessed from context clues, converts NES games into 3D.

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This back to the past by the means of future is pretty exciting, especially when you get into some of the modding and just how easy it looks to take old games and add brilliant little touches. Have a look at a video that shows what 30 minutes of tweaking can do.

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The $10 app works for almost any VR system and you can download it here. This video shows off the new features of the brand new version 2 update.

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And here's some Contra as shown in the program. Contra is part of the 2.01 release. Does this seem like a weird way to play Contra? Is this going to make these games harder than they were before? If only there were some sort of cheat code...

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Graham gave a dedicated Zelda VR remake a spin back in 2014 and you can read about it here but honestly the new version that's up and running for 3DNes looks quite good. Check it out here.

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So, what NES game would you fire up first? Or if you're doing it now, send us a link to your videos.

.... If it was Urban Champion, someone beat you to it.

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