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Undead Lemmings: Zombie Night Terror Released

Zombies are Lemmings

Zombies are scary. Sort of. They've been the stuff of nightmares for pretty much... forever. Maybe we've been inundated to the point of no return. Maybe there are never too many zombies. Puzzle-platformer/infection-sim Zombie Night Terror [official site] looks pretty fresh though. It's Lemmings, it's zombies! It's alive! Wait, that's Frankenstein - not a zombie. Whatever.

Basically, it's Lemmings with projectile vomiting instead of digging. Sure, lemmings were great even if those little green haired creatures themselves were always infuriatingly falling off a damn cliff. Naturally, zombies are brainless and hungry for brains, so you, the player, become the brain. Hopefully they/you don't fall down a flight of stairs.

It looks like you can infect humans in a variety of ways. You have syringes to give your first zombie his shot. Aw. Then there's spitting, exploding, jumping, and, of course, devouring, all of which are mutated forms of your first zombie hordes. You do this by feasting on the DNA of your enemies (aka fleeing humanity). The more DNA you consume the stronger your ability to mutate your zombie underlings. Eventually pixel people will get fed up with your zombie antics and try to take you down meaning you'll face an increasingly powerful human army. We're a resilient bunch, after all!

Made by NoClip, Zombie Night Terror is out for Windows and Mac on Steam and GOG. Including a launch discount, it costs £8.49/11,04/$11.04.

Anyway, check out the fun trailer below:

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