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Zombie Vikings Looks Like Brawly, Grotty, Stabby Fun

Written by the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics chap

I think I could be a little bit in love with Zombie Vikings, which chucks bearded Nordic glory out of the window in favor of something wonderfully, messily ... different. Described as a "four-player co-op stab-you-in-a-gut-a-thon," it's the story of how Loki steals Odin's last remaining eye and how the All-Father, embarrassed and determined to be not-blind again, summons four of the "most fearsome Zombie Vikings" to retrieve his missing organ.

Why he didn't just call up a host of valkyries or shanghai Thor (who is apparently off partying like there's no Ragnarok) into doing some work is a question for the ages indeed. But, who cares? The game will let you hack through boiling gingerbread swamps, cruise intestines, and fight giant troll poultry. I’m especially keen to see one particular promise come to fruition: the ability to weaponize your friends’ disparate body parts. Hell, it looks like you can go all undead Voltron too, which is the best thing I heard all day.

Zombie Vikings will be written by the inimitable Zac Weinersmith, who is famous for the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics. The dude had this to say in a press release, "The first scene they had me write involved rescuing Odin;s eye from a witch's ass." See? See what I mean? Deliciousness. I like the voice acting. I like the humor. I even like the grossness of it all. Vikings should be grotty, damn it. Especially dead ones. Pillaging and plundering aren’t exactly conducive to good hygiene, you know?

Made by Stick It To Man devs Zoink, Zombie Vikings is slated to come out in July 2015, and has a tentative price tag of €9.95/$11.99/£7.99.

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