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Torchlight 3 developers Echtra Games have been acquired by Zynga

They'll be working on a cross-platform RPG

The games groundhog saw his shadow this year, and we all know what that means. There are going to be six more weeks of business season before we can all take off our coats for E3 season. Today's business forecast includes 100% chance of acquisitions. Social games folks Zynga have announced that they've acquired Max Schaefer's Torchlight 3 studio Echtra Games. They'll now be collaborating on an unannounced RPG.

Zynga haven't disclosed the terms of the sale but do let on their plans for Echtra. They'll be working with fellow Zynga studio NaturalMotion on "a new, yet to be announced RPG for cross-platform play."

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Echtra Games the studio doesn't have a long history, but Zynga highlight the experience of their leadership team. Echtra CEO Max Schaefer's experience includes the first two Diablo games and the Torchlight series.

"Max and his team at Echtra Games are responsible for some of the most legendary game properties ever created, and they are experts in the action RPG genre and cross-platform development," says Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau. "This acquisition will be instrumental in growing our iconic licenses and brands from mobile to PCs and consoles."

For Echtra's part, Schaefer says, "we share Zynga’s vision that cross-platform play is an essential part of the future of RPGs and interactive entertainment and are eager to apply our vast experience and talents to this effort."

Zynga have told that there will not be layoffs associated with the acquisition.

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