Watch Dean Hall’s Day Z Presentation From The EG Expo

By Jim Rossignol on October 9th, 2012 at 6:00 pm.

It’s been a little while since I’d caught up with the rolling experiment that is Dean Hall and the Day Z project, so it was interesting to watch the Eurogamer Expo talk given by him, which I have posted below. In it it talks about “authenticity, tension, and freedom” as the main guiding concepts for their work, but he says that he intends for a lot of what they do to be quite radical, and admits that he’s not sure how that will work out. Survival and “medical” aspects of the game will be coming under a lot of scrutiny, creating greater depth for that “silent antagonist” part of the game. The groaning, brain-eating antagonists will be getting a revamp, as he discusses. Go watch.

Perhaps worth noting that the incarceration of a couple of key BIS employees in Greece will likely hit Hall’s project quite hard. Ivan Buchta was the main man behind Chernarus, and was going to be in charge of the “Chernarus Plus” revamp of Day Z’s world. (It is now possible to play on modded maps, however.)


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  1. Discopanda says:

    Ugh. Greece still hasn’t released the Bohemia employees?

  2. hosndosn says:

    Don’t have the time to watch it all, any meaty/in-game parts?

  3. Kong says:

    Greece “justice” has always been a bit harsh.
    A few grams of cannabis put you away for quite some time.

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