DCUO Is SOE’s “Fastest Selling Game Ever”

Ever! That’s according to the reliably twittery John Smedley. I am not sure what that actually says about the game, or SOE games generally, but it sounds positive. And… yes, we haven’t really taken a decent look at it yet, but I’ve heard some positive reports. We should get one of these layabouts on the job, eh?

What about you lot? Anyone playing? Any thoughts? Any critical quibbles? Anyone needing to team up with fellow RPS for some hot justice? (And I’ll totally sort the competition out tomorrow, closes tonight.)


  1. kael13 says:

    No doubt this has something to do with TotalBiscuit’s series of vids on YouTube.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      GAAAH! Acronym overkill!
      Can someone tell me what DCUO and SOE mean? And perhaps also what “IS” and the other words stand for, if they are acronyms too… ;)
      My guess until then:
      DCUO = Devon and Cornwall Underground Office || Dyslexic Cowards Under Opium
      SOE = Special Operations Executive || Spasmic Orgasmic Ejaculasmic

    • terry says:

      DCUO : DC Universe Online
      SOE : Sony Online Entertainment
      RPS : Dunno

    • Diabolico says:

      + 1

  2. Ezhar says:

    I thought it was mediocre?

    • DSR says:

      I think you mean Champoins Online.
      This is DC Universe Online.
      Another one.

    • Ezhar says:

      No, that one was crap. This one might at least aspire to being mediocre. Which is good for SOE standards, I’m afraid.

      P.S.: What, one comment per 4 hours is too fast now?

  3. WeFlySpitfires says:

    Colour me surprised. I didn’t expect it to do very well considering how little press coverage, build up and hype it had before launch. Maybe SOE have tapped into a hidden market by releasing a MMO on the PS3? Or maybe it’s just that all of their other games had terrible launches…

    • Arkander says:

      I bought it because I was bored and had $50. Now I am bored and do not have $50.

      This is not the post I meant to reply to. Oh well.

  4. James G says:

    Apparently the PS3 version is outselling the PC version, so I don’t know what those sales figures say about its success on the old IBM-PC compatible. Obviously the lack of MMO competition on the PS3 will be helping its sales somewhat, not to mention that gamers largely exclusive to the consoles wont yet be subject to the jaded cynicism with respect to MMOs which is common among many of your PC gaming contingent. Still, it does suggest that there is at least a market for MMO’s on the consoles, it just remains to be seen whether it will be sustained in the face of subs and further competition.

    • BigJonno says:

      I read that, but apparently those figures don’t include DD numbers and the game has been doing well on Steam.

    • Nick says:

      It means everyone is playing WoW on their PCs I think.

  5. arioch says:

    Surprisingly – its actually really good fun.

    It plays a bit like a multiplayer version of Batman Arkum Asylum, just much much bigger…

    The chat functionality is shocking, and I am not convinced that there will be much end game to speak of so repeat subscriptions may fall off id it isnt constantly updated, but for £30 the levelling to 30 is an absolute blast, especially for DC geeks!

  6. Shivoa says:

    We’ve never sold more games faster. Ok, we’ve not managed the whole releasing on two platforms at once ever before and recently we have been giving away our games as F2P rather than trying to complete with WoW and the like at all but y’know what I mean?

    Looking at it, this basically means DCUO has sold more at launch than (taking titles since EQ2 launched and Blizzard expanded the MMO base significantly) major titles like:

    Clone Wars Adventures (a F2P PC titles which also shipped some boxed copies to retail)
    Pirates of the Burning Sea
    & Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    So, despite people thinking of SOE as a big player in the MMO space I’d say it isn’t exactly a surprise if they’ve managed to get a release as big as a Star Trek Online or other similarly pushed recent titles (which should eclipse their previous day 1 sales), especially with two platforms to push and apparently similar sales on each.

    So far just about everyone I know who picked this up (PC) has been rather negative of it and the buzz has been matching that.

  7. Tyshalle says:

    Looks boring as hell.

    But I say that about all MMO’s these days.

    Only two I’ve liked even remotely were EVE and Fallen Earth. And EVE is terribly boring, I just like it more out of principle for being just about the only MMO that actually feels like a multiplayer game, and Fallen Earth was okay for like a week’s worth of constant grinding at which point I completely stopped playing.

    • Danarchist says:

      Actually the one thing it has going for it is it is NOT boring like most other mmo’s out there. The fighting is very fast paced and although you can outlevel content you really cant out gear it. It is neither rotation-wait for cooldown-rotation of the wow style nor the I hit you you hit me I hit you of fallen earth. I have enjoyed it quite a bit, its like vindictus minus the 100% instanced everyone looks exactly alike crap.

      It has a few flaws, mostly social ones that stem from it being developed for pc and ps3 at the same time, and it makes allot of assumptions that you not only enjoy voice chat but have a microphone hooked up at all times. Other than that it’s allot of fun but wont last the hardcore 40hours+ a week type gamer for very long. There are already cries for “High Tier” armors that use unique models so people have some way to show their E-Wang off to other players. I dont think XXXTREME! core mmo players will find enough stuff to lift them above the average player and that will lead to lots of flaming on various forums.

      As for the rest of us its good, fast fun. It moves faster than the average mmo-masochist will like, needing to feel like they have been whipped and beaten enough to have “earned” their level cap status. But i just wore nipple clamps the whole time I played and it has almost made up for the lack of glowing swords.

    • Catastrophe says:

      I agree with Danarchist. I’m currrently playing DCUO and really enjoying it. The problems i have seen are mostly with the chat system, which they’re updating in the next patch.

  8. Zeno says:

    The content before reaching the level cap is pretty good, if a bit standard “Kill X of Enemy Y” kinds of things. Upon reaching the level cap (which took me about 2 days of solid playing), there’s not much I want to do anymore. If grinding for raid gear is your cup of tea, then there should be plenty to keep you occupied. Myself, I can’t consider that to be entertaining.

    Also, only six powers? Anyone remember in DC when every hero had one of six powers? Yeah, me neither.

    • Catastrophe says:

      Theres alot to do at end game – Alerts, Raids, Duo’s, Arenas, World PvP to mention a few. Its similar to most MMO’s in that respect, apart from the extremely fun gameplay.

      Only being able have 6 powers on your action bar at once creates strategy in choosing the correct ones for the right content. Its probably also due to being on the PC and PS3, but I enjoy it. I have over 15 powers but have to select 6 for my Damage role, 6 for my Tank role, and another six for my Ice Elemental (I’m a Ice Tank).

      I also play WoW, but find on WoW you have about 50+ powers for a character but mainly only use 10ish of them, while stumbling around the 40 unneccessary ones.

      Don’t forget in DCUO alot of your combat is down to your melee or ranged combo’s, which technically adds around another 20 abilities you can cast.

      It doesn’t use the standard Health, Mana resource system either, it has Health, a Power Bar that slowly charges but charges faster when getting your combos to a higher number and a Supercharge bar that only charges through Combos but cant allow for certain, more powerful abilities.

      I play on Bloodstorm EU PvP server by the way, my main is Snowdrift.

  9. RagingLion says:

    I heard it was pretty bad. Maybe there’s some more diverse opinions out there though.

  10. Jake says:

    The PVP is ridiculously good fun and I hate PVP usually. I can’t figure out the level 30 PVE myself: the game could use a lot more documentation and some elements could be more polished. The chat is almost unusable and at several points at level 25+ I ran out of quests and had to do level 6 quests for a bit until something new came up. It doesn’t have many real bugs though so it feels pretty polished for an MMO launch.

    Overall it is much, much better than I had expected, though a lot of the appeal for me comes from the fantastic voice acting and from being a comic book geek. I would like to see some evidence that they will put the subscription fee to good use.

  11. crainey92 says:

    This game looks horrible to me I would never waste £30 or whatever the riduclous price tag is on this “MMORPG”, oh and don’t forget the monthly subscription. The thing is, this game to me looks like just another Champions online (I would say City of Heroes and Villains but that game was actualy alright.) which was the worst MMORPG i’ve ever played. Assuming from the comments on this game and the general idea I got from the features this game has nothing once you reach the level cap, no crafting just pvp, what kind of MMORPG is this?

    I imagine PS3 sales figures were higher because they arn’t accustomed to the world of MMORPG games, by that I mean overhyped games that fail at launch.

    • Catastrophe says:

      Alot of assumptions, you realise its an ActionMMO? You’re in direction control of your character, not “Click on enemy to target” “Press 1 to cast fireball” “Press 2 to cast Fireblast” “Click on next enemy to target”.

      You have to pull of combinations of moves while integrating them with your abilities.

      This is coming from someone who still plays and enjoys WoW by the way.

  12. RaveTurned says:

    I hope I’m not the only person who had to read through to the comments to realise what this article was about. :/ I think my brain is too sleep deprived to deal with adjacent abbreviations at the moment.

  13. Urthman says:

    All the reviews I’ve seen say it’s completely designed around the PS3 — huge Oblivion-style fonts and menus you can read from across the room on your couch, interface and gameplay designed around using a controller (which severely limits the number of powers/abilities available at any one time), totally ignoring interface/gameplay options that a PC would allow.

  14. Grey_Ghost says:

    I couldn’t stand to play it anymore by the end of the Beta, thought it turned out pretty awful. Though I did quite enjoy the game for about a month there in the beginning.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun game more or less. The few character options just didn’t appeal to me, and the ones that did got rejiggered into something almost totally opposite. There was nothing left for me after that.

    Guess it will be something to check on in about a year or so.

  15. Paul2724 says:

    Fast selling != good

    Instanced to f**k, no crafting…….. its not an MMO imo

    • Arathain says:

      Are you sure you aren’t reducing your own definition of what constitutes an MMO to something that’s a little too specific? City of Heroes- heavily instanced, minimal crafting, but definitely an MMO. Surely it’s more useful to have your definition a little bit too wide than quite a bit too narrow.

      Anyway, the question isn’t whether or not it’s an MMO, it’s whether it’s any good. That’s all that matters.

    • Paul2724 says:

      @ Arathain

      A fair question I guess…

      My first point was that popular does not equal good – quite apart from the impact of “lowest common denominator”, early sales of a game can be (as I suspect is the case here) driven by the IP of the universe its set in or marketing hype etc etc and not necessarily an indicator of how good quality the game is.

      The second is a far longer story but what distinguishes a “true” MMO from just a multiplayer online beat em up is the ability to “hang out” in the universe and do things outwith the quest structure – for me this is driven by crafting, exploration and the in-game economy. Instancing for me totally kills the immersion – (to have to specify I’m in Gotham City #37 or not be able to see someone standing in the same spot but is actually in Gotham City #17 for example – this gets really annoying quickly when trying to meet up with friends and ruins the feel of being in a persistent world).

      As I said, all imo – but I’ve played a lot of MMOs and all the ones I’ve tried with no significant crafting (and hence no player driven economy) or heavy instancing have not manged to hold my attention beyond the ‘oo shiny’ stage which usually passes in less than the first month – for me to stay any length of time there needs to be more depth.

    • Nick says:

      crafting your own gadgets as a gadget led hero/villan would be cool, but it doesn’t really fit otherwise.

    • Catastrophe says:

      Its not instanced… the only instanced areas are Alerts/Raids/Arena like WoW and the like…

  16. Pardoz says:

    7/10 as a single-player bash-’em-up (8/10 if you have a console-toy controller or a mouse you don’t mind destroying with 25-rapid-fire click combos).

    3/10 as an MMO. Atrocious chat system (not just the Scunthorpian chat filter; the entire system is worthless), not enough content to last out a month, much less a multi-month subscription.

    If you’re hankering for more Arkham Asylum, you could do worse than pick it up, play it for 30 or 40 hours, then shelve it, making sure that you’ve not entered any subscription/payment information.

  17. BigJonno says:

    It’s a lot of fun and could be a very good game long term. They need to sort the bloody chat system out, give it a lick of PC optimisation and start adding content. The mouse and keyboard controls are absolutely fine, no idea why people are having problems with them.

    Unlike most MMOs, there is a solid core game in there; I could go on a lengthy ramble about how well-designed it is, but I won’t bore you. If they get the chat problems sorted out and speed up the menus, there won’t be anything wrong with it that more content and extra features won’t solve. Compared to how fundamentally broken many MMOs are, that’s pretty impressive.

  18. Tei says:

    I just started playing. Is a better game than champions online (this is not saying much) and has some ugly things, but then you feel more like a comic hero, and the cities are fantastic.

  19. Jimbo says:

    A multi-plat title with strong brand recognition sold fast? This is remarkable!

    (Unlike the game, which sucks.)

  20. Howl says:

    Bought it based on the 86% Metacritic score, even though I figured it was probably going to be bad….

    … and it was crap SOE, MMO-by-numbers shovelware.

    Uninstalled within 24 hours, 30 squids lighter.

  21. BAReFOOt says:

    What exactly is the meaning of “inventory” on DIGITAL DATA!?

  22. BathroomCitizen says:

    To tell the truth, I’m kinda curious about trying this game. I don’t have the patience or time to play anymore other more “classical” MMORPGs like WoW, Everquest 2, or just even Guild Wars. The fast-paced action will surely be optimal for my playstyle.

    I’ll make an exception to Star Wars the Old Republic though! I’m a sucker for good ol’ KOTOR and the Star Wars universe :)

  23. destroy.all.monsters says:

    I say this on every single thread about this game but it’s true – the launcher app is broken. I do not say that because I want it to fail (I don’t) but because Sony has done nothing about it. I mentioned during beta they needed torrents or alternate methods to download, numerous others have since and still the threads pile up in the technical support section. Every time I’ve checked the majority of the posts in Tech support are about the launcher.

    To pretend that it is a bugfree, flawless game when so many cannot even play it is a travesty.

    Various idiotic design decisions: requiring internet explorer (the only reason this is ever used on my computer is for Impulse, which is a pain), *requiring active x enabled*, and using the active x version of flash – for a launcher. A launcher that loves to crash to desktop and not download your game.

    • Catastrophe says:

      I use FireFox and received no problems with the Launcher, I’d suggest the problems were more to do with your setup and not just requiring IE.

  24. mondomau says:

    I’ve been playing for about a week now, with friends. I’ve never really played an MMO properly before (well, APB – but I don’t think that counts for a variety of reasons :P), and I found it pleasantly accessible: It’s a button masher with a high degree of customisation (seriously a lot of fun), lots of loot whoring, a little grinding and it’s a lot of fun to play in a group.
    Three things that need to be addressed though:

    Technical glitches: There are a lot, though I haven’t suffered (or heard of) anything as game breaking as the launcher issue mentioned above. Things have got a LOT better since launch, but I still have disappearing npcs, jittery movement and there are a couple of exploits in the combat system that are widely documented but still haven’t been sorted.

    PvP: The PvE servers can be a little too quiet and safe (read ‘dull’), but the PvP ones are a total clusterfuck:There is no reward for open PvP at all, so it’s basically pointless except as a griefing mechanism – Which is exactly what the majority of players use it for.
    Now, it’s one thing getting jumped by someone when you’re in a menu or just cruising around the map (it fits the theme and can be kind of fun/funny), it’s another to be repeatedly and spitefully ganked by a gang of lvl 30s. It’s particularly disheartening when you’re trying to level up (which you can really only do by completing missions) and .every time you arrive at an instance, it’s swarming with enemy players that outnumber the bleedin’ mobs (been there, seen it).
    SOE need to put a stop to this, either by penalising gankers (or rewarding the underdog if you’re lucky/good enough to win – it does happen a fair bit :)) or by enforcing non-com zones.It’s going to scare people off otherwise, particularly because the ‘advice’ sections of the forums are full of braying keyboard warriors shouting at n00bs to STFU.

    Lastly, content: SOE have announced their intention to charge £15 / month for continuing subs, after your 1st free one. At the moment, I don’t think there’s anywhere near enough content to keep people interested for anything more than 1 additional month. Now, more content may be coming, but SOE’s troubling phrasing of what will be included in the sub (We’ll patch the game!! for free!) and more importantly, what won’t be included (the-frequently-mentioned-but-never-priced-DLC) leads my nasty cynical mind to suspect they’re going to try a spot of double dipping on this one. I really hope this isn’t true, because it would be a massive mistake. The game is fun, but not that deep at the moment.

    TL;DR – Fun, shallow button masher pasted over a stripped down MMO framework. You get to play dress up. There are a lot of bugs and a lot of bullies on the PvP servers. Game will probably tank if SOE get greedy with charging for content.

  25. Arglebargle says:

    Personally, I found the game to be pretty stinky.

    If you don’t have issues with particular problems, and want a fast console action game, it might be fun for you.

    It is very focused on a PS3 controller control set, and does not fit the PC that well. Limited available powers, and a far too clicky interface for me. The character creator is mediocre overall and pathetic in the superhero genre. Everyone is effectively a gadgeteer, as you have useable, specific drops from foes. Power selections are limited and not appropriately thematic. There’s a lot of the game like that, that is absolutely against genre. Costume pieces appearing as drops! Bad chat interface, as well as a poor interface generally.

    Things that may not irritate others, but just aren’t to my liking: PVP focus, but not well implemented. DC universe. It’s been a long while since I paid attention to the big two in comics, but the game reminded me why I did not care for DC that much (Batman excepted). The so called humor in the game struggles to reach the heights of sophomoric.

    Sales are probably good because of some serious marketing push. I saw ads for this (using their fairly nice trailer footage) on big time outlets like Pro Football (American) games and such. It’s a mass market approach. And probably the PS3 folks are happy to have it.

  26. Diabolico says:

    I think it is because total halibut plays it – SOE were wise to realise the potential of free youtube advertisement and suggesting toral halibut to play it :)

  27. Lucid Empress says:

    This is, surprisingly, one of the best MMOs I’ve ever played. And I’m dating myself by saying I played Ultima Online when it first came out and have played a fair amount of MMOs since then. I was incredibly suspicious of it being a SoE MMO and cautiously decided to play it after reading some good reviews. I figured it wasn’t so bad since the first month is free. I ended up finding a game I really enjoy. At least until TOR comes out. Provided it doesn’t suck. But anyway…

    Pros: The level of customization for creating a character is awesome, especially when it comes to the superhero outfit. There are tons of pieces to choose from, and you pick up more in the game, with 3 colors you can choose to work into the mix. But don’t let me make it sound like a high tech version of Barbie. It’s just cool to be able to individualize your superhero to the exact level you want it.

    Also, the combat is fantastic. I’ve never seen an MMO where there are combos you can click out on the mouse the same way a console game works. Well, essentially. This makes for a lot better time fighting and not doing the same old mashing of 1, 2, 3, 4. For example, I can tap the left mouse button and then hold it to yield a special move. For another move, I can tap twice then hold. And etc.

    I’ve never been a big PVPer, but the “Legends” PVP in the game is fantastic. You pick an iconic superhero to play (e.g., Batman, Robin, Harley, Joker) and team up with others to whomp the opposing side (heroes or villains, depending on what you chose during character creation). What’s cool about it is that it’s pure skill and strategy – everyone is essentially on an equal footing because each iconic character comes with a certain skillset and gear. Translated, it means that someone who plays 24/7 and farms all this amazing gear won’t necessarily win. There is also pvp where you keep your own gear and your class…but being someone who doesn’t have tons of time and patience to farm gear…I am very happy with the Legends option.

    A HUGE pro for me: end game content. I’ve played games like Star Trek Online where once you hit the highest level possible, there simply isn’t much to do at all. In this game, a large part of the game is especially designed for level 30s (the current cap). There’s lots for me to do once I hit the cap, and I love that. All that time I put into a character isn’t necessarily wasted once I cap out. One thing to note, however…the end game was particularly different for me than most of the soloing I did to get to level 30. I ended up being a psycho perfectionist and scrapping my character to rebuild a new one specifically designed to be perfect for the level 30 stuff.

    And…you can throw cars. Shazam.

    Cons: The chat UI looks like a noob designed it. It’s clumsy, unwieldy, and awkward like a 14 year old kid looking at his mom’s Victoria Secret catalog. The profanity filter is also absurd. Two totally innocent words separated by a space could get blanked out if there’s a forbidden word somehow in there. The good news is that SoE is highly aware of the disgruntlement over it and has said via multiple forums that both issues will be addressed and soon.

    Another strange quirk that annoys me but I sorta get it – you cannot speak to a villain if you’re a hero and vice versa. I can only assume that this is to prevent constant flaming in the shout channel, but it’s particularly annoying to me because some of my friends play villains and I’m a hero…and I can’t talk to them. Using the Steam overlay mitigates it, but still. Grr.

    I mentioned end game content…which there is tons of, and it’s great. But, it is a tad too easy to level up. I suspect this will be worked out in the months to come, but it’s incredibly easy to power level a character to 30 in a matter of days. Then again, I didn’t experience the frustrating never ending grind missions to level, which was certainly a fair trade off. At least for me.

    Sorry for the epic length review, but I really enjoy this game and want to share the lurve. ;)