A Smurf In Terraria: Part Three

There's nothing Smurf-like left about him.

Once more I return to Terraria, as it seems I will do until I die, or something better comes along. You can read part one here, and part two here, and then part three below. This entry actually spans a few weeks, the first half soon after the last entry, the second half after significant progress was made. But more progress is required! My time in Terraria is not yet done. But if you could lend a hand in the comments, that would be much appreciated. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the RPS Terraria server.

My quest to make a pickaxe that can smash through the tougher blocks continues. I’m aiming for a Nightmare Pickaxe, since the Hellstone-based one requires, um, itself to mine the parts.

But I defeated the Eye Of Cthulhu. Finally I’m getting somewhere. I have Demonite bars. But I still need Shadow Scales – I’m going to need to kill another boss, the Destroyer of Worlds.

But he needs to be summoned, and to do that I need to do one of two things. Either plant some Worm Food in the area known as The Corruption, or smash three Shadow Orbs.

Right, first method. Worm Food. That’s made from Rotten Chunks, dropped by Eater of Souls and Devourers – I have some of that already – combined with Vile Powder, when stood in front of a Demon Altar. As it happens there’s a Demon Altar pretty near to my house, so it’s just the powder I’m after. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? So once again to the wiki, and I’m informed:

“It is sold by the Dryad NPC during a Blood Moon.”

Oh good grief. I don’t have a Dryad living in my village yet, and Blood Moons only come around every so often, potentially hours of play away. Oh, but I killed a boss! It seems that means a Dryad will soon move in! Some good news at last.

The other method – smashing three Shadow Orbs – means exploring the Corruption some more to get at these floating grey balls, which requires, guess what, a Nightmare Pickaxe to reach.

In fairness, an alternative is dynamite, but I’m already sick and tired of blowing myself up with that, and it’s not proving a productive direction. The other method is to convert the blocks using Purification Powder, which is, of course, only sold by Dryads.

Which all means it’s a good job I chose to start with the Eye, even though it only drops the Demonite I need, or all of this near-impenetrable loop would be impossible.

But! Never mind the convoluted nonsense in the way of my progression, because I have killed a boss, so I should soon have a Dryad! Perhaps progress is at hand?

…And she’s not selling Vile Powder. Because it’s not a Blood Moon. And so back I go to digging.


I have a nightmare pickaxe, a Light’s Bane sword, Minishark gun, Vilethorn staff, Molten Fury bow, and a War Axe of the Night. I’m wearing a Molten Breastplate and Molten Greaves. I’ve changed.

I’m also wearing a goldfish bowl on my head.

It all came together. I’ve killed things. I’ve been places. I’ve chipped away at rocks you’d never dare to lean on. I’ve seen things that would send your mind over the edge. I’ve got more powerful weapons, armour, tools, a goldfish bowl on my head.

I’ve got Hermes’ boots, that let me run faster. I’ve got flippers that let me swim upward. (I appear to be somehow wearing both at once.) I hold an Obsidian Skull that lets me walk on hot, hot bricks. I carry a Cloud in a Bottle, that lets me double jump. There’s a goldfish bowl on my head. In my inventory us a harpoon and a Ball O’ Hurt that lets me attack multiple enemies at once. Nothing’s the same.

Well, except for everything, because all I want to do now is find out what I don’t have and how I can get at it. The overall loop continues. And still the game has no intention of giving me any clues.

Although admittedly I’ve yet to kill the Destroyer Of Worlds. I’ve come close, and I’ve collected enough Scales to get what I needed, but each time it’s certainly won the fight, or chickened out at dawn and slithered away.

I should also mention that I’ve found my first dungeon, and even defeated the crazy boss that blocks the entrance, thanks to prolific application of health potions. And so it is to exploring.

Which is something that Terraria offers so well. The dungeon is essentially like the rest of the game, except you don’t have to dig. Pre-created chambers and corridors, packed with enemies, and more importantly, with lots and lots of treasure chests to discover, containing excellent treats.

Remember the Ball O’ Hurt from three paragraphs ago? Forgotten. Because I just found the Blue Moon. Same zoomy-out weapon on a retracting chain, but offering 23 damage instead of 15. Suddenly those gangs of floating skulls, the ones who go through walls, are no longer such a threat, and my explorations of the extraordinarily deep dungeon stretch farther. Generally these expeditions last until the point where so many things are attacking me at once that I have to panic use my Magic Mirror to teleport back to my home.

Of course, every single time I make the long, long walk back to the dungeon entrance I only realise halfway there that I’ve yet again not brought the equipment to set up a temporary home just outside, somewhere with a bed I can teleport back to nearer by. I will likely never remember. Not even if I finish this sentence and go straight back into the game. Which I’m going to. Because this game possesses every rare spare evening or weekend gap, even now. A week or two may pass between plays, but back I go, again and again. And I have a goldfish bowl on my head.

So what I want to know from those who know is what should I be doing next? What’s my next big goal?


  1. The_B says:

    Underground Jungle! You can be like a beardy Tarzan.

    Even more beardy, I mean…

    • Baka says:

      You didn’t play Terraria properly until you swang yourself about with the Ivy Whip.

    • geldonyetich says:

      There is indeed the underground jungles, and floating islands, although if you’ve molten armor chances are you’ve already better gear than most of the stuff you’ll find in either place. (The vine whip being the main reason to hit the jungle.)

      At this point, I’d say Walker has about reached the end, except for two things:

      1) Hardcore mode. Start a second character in which progression becomes a cycle, not a one-way trip.

      2) Patches. The game is being added to fairly often, which may indeed add additional things to do.

    • killerkerara says:

      If you want more detail:
      Go to the underground jungle. Look for tiny roses on the ground and collect them. Kill hornets to collect their stingers and kill the (very deadly) man eaters to get their vines. When you have these things in abundance, you can upgrade your grappling hook to an ivy whip and craft weapons you’ve only dreamed of.

      Also, build a tower a good distance in the sky, then build horizontal to find floating islands. You can find an item to increase jump height (very good with double jump) and an item to negate fall damage.

      Good luck. :)

    • Dread says:

      Actually the best way to find floating islands is to use a musket or flintlock loaded with meteor shots and shoot up. Those bullets ricochet, so when your shot comes back down again you are under a floating island.
      The problems with the skybridge strategy are manifold: it takes much longer, it requires a lot of blocks, it hinders meteorites and you may very well build your skybridge too high or too low to actually find any islands.

    • bluefire says:

      The best way that I’ve found is to shoot upwards with the space gun while wearing meteor armor and just listen for the sound of the gun shooting ground…

  2. DeathHamsterDude says:

    I’ve succumbed too, but thanks to my insane quest for perfection in the game, I’ve spent the last six or seven hours building my home into a giant, imposing castle. This wouldn’t have taken too long, until I read about someone having constructed an arena around a demon altar to attack the Eye, meaning I’ve created a gray brick walled and backed tunnel down the three hundred feet or so from my castle dungeon to the nearest demon altar. Hammering away at that dirt wall underground to replace it with a gray brick wall is torture. I tell myself it’s so that monsters won’t spawn there, but it’s really just my addiction to. Getting. Everything. Just. Right!


    • Jesse L says:

      That sounds totally horrible, and reminds me why I quit.

      The movement and fighting is not enjoyable in itself. It’s all about the climb to the next batch of items. I’d say everybody should be careful to make sure that when they play this game, they really want to play this game and not just, you know, progress.

      I’m not sure I’d be proud of this one if I had made it. I know that sounds like a horrible thing to say…

    • Wunce says:

      Normally I’d agree but the combat of this game isn’t enjoyable. Its more to do with your plan and strategy that you put in place. For example, I explored the underground jungle when I had barely sufficient equipment to survive but it was the idea of conquering the beasties through outwitting them (with a small stone bunker, shooting out of the small gaps) that was more enjoyable.

      Of course if my plan worked too well then it would be boring because there needs to be the threat of death to keep the atmosphere tense.

    • Frank says:

      I agree with these replies — the combat (awkwardly swinging stuff at flying enemies) feels like it’s straight out of some 1980’s Castlevania. Needless to say, that is a very bad thing.

    • wcanyon says:

      Re: everything just right: or you could Just. Not. Do. That.

      Re: awkward combat: nah, I see that as being true to its old school roots. If it had 3 different ways to swing a sword then suddenly it’s an XBLA game instead of an SNES game.

  3. Ba5 says:

    You can just get vile powder by making it yourself, by getting the purple mushrooms that grow in the corruption. You use these on an alchemy table. You get an alchemy table by placing a glass bottle on a normal table. To get glass you need sandstone, at the very edges of the map. All of this is faster than waiting for a blood moon. Good luck, you now know what to do.

    • Mendrake says:

      or you could just use regular sand to get glass…

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      Also, there is no such thing as sandstone. Just regular sand, which can be found everywhere.

    • MCM says:

      I had no idea the Dryad even sold Vile Powder during a Blood Moon. What a stupid and convoluted way to try and get it, though. I have more Vile Mushrooms and Powder than I know what to do with, just from walking around the corruption swingin.

  4. The Army of None says:

    Get a full set of Molten Armor! Find and make the Ivy-Grappling Hook thingamajig! And… well, that’s all I’ve done. After completing those tasks (and even getting a sunfury pre-nerf) I’ve stopped playing

  5. noobnob says:

    Wait for the next patch which should make the game harder.

    Impressions from the dev here: link to terrariaonline.com

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      I’m a little nervous about this whole “making the game harder” business. I confess I may not be hardcore enough to survive a more challenging Terraria. Obviously if you’re decked out in end-game gear the game is easy, but getting there isn’t always a picnic.

      Frankly, the only way I *can* beat some of the bosses is with potion spam and platform exploits. I dont think potion spam is a good thing, but if they get rid of it, I hope they take a look at the boss challenge levels and adjust those accordingly too. The underground hell level is no picnic either.

      As much as I dislike potion spamming, I think resurrection spam is worse. There are few things that disenchant me more in games than meaningless death penalties while you endless re-spawn and whittle away at a boss. But that might be what I’m forced into, as I just don’t think I have the skills the game seems to think I should have to beat one or two of those bosses without cheese.

    • Was Neurotic says:


      My thoughts precisely. I’ve just found my first dungeon, and it’s covered in Meteorite too. Just getting close enough with all the Meteorite heads around is… crazy.

    • Eldiran says:

      @Abundant Suede: well, you can only resurrection spam if you have allies to fight with who keep the boss around.

      Honestly, I think it’s just going to make the game more about being prepared. Instead of being able to easily best Skeletron in Gold armor, you’ll probably want to get Shadow or Meteor first. And you’ll need the new buff potions. The difficulty increase is thankfully being accompanied by better tools for the player to fight back with (like the potions, and fire arrows that actually set things on fire!) so I think it’ll turn out alright.

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      The meteor heads I actually never found troublesome so much as they are tedious. They just require patience to beat down while mining. Or running in and dynamiting enough ore to grab and make a phase sword. After which they’re easy to kill.

      The second two bosses though I don’t think I could have beaten with the gear I had at the time without potion spam and platform exploits, and generally speaking, you need to beat them to get better gear. At least the worm thing, anyway.

      @ Eldiran
      Well, the worm boss will keep chasing you until you kill it, as my NPCs found out when I re-spawned and brought the thing back with me, and it started knocking them off until I I led it to a platform exploit and whittled it down.

      Requiring you to be prepared is a good thing, except it’s pretty easy to trigger the first two (not skeletron) bosses by accident. Especially for a new player who doesn’t know it’s pretty much mandatory to read the wiki or receive coaching in order to really know what to do in the game.

    • TenjouUtena says:

      As of the last patch this is no longer true and the Eater of Worlds much be fought in the corruption in 1.0.5.

      It’s this interesting thing where if you try the trick (For instance, mirroring back home and rushing to a prebuilt arena), it takes a while, and you get a ‘the eater of worlds has been defeated’ message.

  6. LegendaryTeeth says:

    Make a floating house in the sky. This is what I did on a server with my friends. Build your way up, then make a bed, and then destroy the stairs. Then those riff-raff friends can’t bother you anymore.

    This is especially fun before you have the no fall damage item.

  7. deadly.by.design says:

    Terraria is one of those games that I’ve decided to keep myself away from. It looks fun, but I’m busy, the weather’s nice and there are plenty of games I already own that aren’t getting played.

  8. Dominic White says:

    On and off over the course of the past month, my girlfriend and I have set out to complete Terraria. She went into this a total non-gamer, her only experience over the past decade being some half-hearted play of the latest 2d Mario on the Wii.

    We’ve now conquered just about everything in the game. We’ve not strip-mined hell yet, but we’re definitely powerful enough to wreck anything we encounter down there. She has come from complete newbie to someone I can fight goblin armies back-to-back with.

    The couple that games together, stays together. And when said couple have a Minishark each with 1250 silver bullets loaded, ain’t nothing going to stop them.

    • Josh W says:

      Interesting, how does this compare to other teamplayer games?

      Does it avoid some of the usual ways people can get in each others way, (bounding off their heads, messing up their pathing etc) or is it more about “don’t dynamite when your partner’s down a hole” stuff?

  9. Dozer says:

    You have a goldfish bowl on your head!

    And in the game!

    Nice to know you’re slowly adding to your wedding suit…

  10. Detrian says:

    You are truly awful for someone playing with a wiki. You could have cut just a single vile mushroom and gotten 5 powders out of it.

    • John Walker says:

      I’m avoiding the wiki as much as I can!

    • Gnoupi says:

      And he has a goldfish bowl on his head.

    • wcanyon says:

      He has a point. This game is very hard to play without a wiki. There should be an NPC that will sell you recipes or an NPC that will give you hints about how to build stuff.

  11. babymoses says:


    Build a lava trap for the goblin invasion: Dig a hole at your doorstep, pour just enough lava in it, that enemies die, but loot doesn’t dissolve in it. Wait for the goblin invasion. Enjoy your Rocket Boots.
    If you happen upon a Gravity Potion, use it to find floating islands. Once you are on a floating island: DON’T DIE. You’ll need to harvest feathers from harpies, which only spawn near floating islands, so you can make more Gravity Potions and find more floating islands.
    Keep exloring the dungeon. Muramasa is there.
    Craft yourself Shadowscale Armor, which further increases Muramasa’s fast attack speed.
    Once you have that, go straight into the jungle and search for 2 Feral Claws (any more won’t have any effect), which further increase your attack speed. Now enemies will basicly plop into a pile of gore at sight.
    Once you have that, go back into the dungeon. Search for a handgun. Get Hellstone Bars. Craft a Phoenix Blaster. Be invincible.

  12. fallingmagpie says:

    There are infinite oceans at either end of the world. I’m sure you can think of something to do with them.

  13. Coccyx says:

    I find it a little odd that your happy to receive help off of random people in the comments to his and not the wiki, but ah well. You’ll want to craft some necro armour with bones and silk. It gives a 30% buff to speed that’s always present, unlike the build up time needed to utilise hermes boots. I’d suggest some more thorough dungeon searching as your a few tiers away from the best weapons – mansamusa and the upgradable handgun. And once you have upgraded the handgun to a phoenix blaster, your set to find some floating islands. Have fun :)

  14. PanzerVaughn says:

    With one of the more recent patches, you can give Guide an item and he’ll tell you what you can craft with it, as well, There is now also Alchemy with a cornucopia of potions to let you detect enemies, ore, flip gravity, run on water, Live in lava, Double enemy spawn. of course, herbs are scattered across the biomes, and if you want to collect seeds and build a farm of your own to help with collection, you have to harvest some of them at certain times (waterleaf has to be underwater, Deathweed during a blood moon) Give Guide a Bottle of Water (use a bottle on some water) and he’ll give you the whole list…. actually, you might have to create a new world to get herbs and the biome changes =(

    Also, I remember how happy i was when i upgraded Ball’o’hurt to the blue moon, and i have to inform you that it is GARBAGE compared to what the next one is.

    Go pester some Bone Serpents.

  15. MythArcana says:

    For a game that has been in development for only 7 months with three team members, Terraria is showing the big boys how it’s done. Now if the game would be non-exclusive to Steam, it would be perfect…Get Terraria on GamersGate for crying out loud!

    • wcanyon says:

      7 months? Damn. They done good. I’m completely happy with the $20 I spent on this game.

    • Abundant_Suede says:

      $20 ? Did you buy two copies?

  16. Fiatil says:

    You guys need to resurrect Quinns for stuff like this. Imagine if his minecraft diaries had spent part of each one mentioning how he has no idea how to make anything because he wont read the wiki? I would have been completely lost in the progression of either game if I had ignored the wikis.

  17. TsunamiWombat says:

    I strongly suggest a program called Terrafirma, which extracts your gameworld and provides a .jpeg map of it, showing you where resources and chests are (if you squint). It’s a biiiiigggg help when your starting out, but doesn’t unbalance things too much cause you still have to -get- to these things without dying.

    link to seancode.com

    • sassy says:

      But it does get rid of that sense of adventure and mystery. Really the program kills the most important parts of the game.

    • Chirez says:

      That is certainly one way to look at it.
      I personally never found much sense of wonder and mystery in digging endless, pointless tunnels through endless indistinguishable dirt.
      When you know where you’re going, you have some chance of actually discovering something.

      If you want to kill bosses, frankly, it’s always helpful to remember that you can shape the world to your whims. A screen wide platform about 20 blocks up from the ground makes an excellent place to wait for the Eater. If you place several more within jumping distance above it, you have an easily navigable 2d arena in which to kill the Eye, over and over and over…

      I played the game obsessively for several weeks, I have chests full of armour, and multiple copies of almost all the weapons and items. When they added herbs I carefully cultivated gardens full of each and filled a chest with every kind of potion. I am not entirely sure why I did any of it. Terraria has the unfortunate quality of being all journey and no destination, but the journey is compulsive fun.

      Incidentally, if Smurf has any desire to raid my chests of near endless shiny things he is most welcome, though frankly being handed all of the end game items almost completely destroys any reason for playing.

  18. anonymousity says:

    The replies of people yelling omg use wiki moar or you suck at dis game lol, seem to be missing the point that it’s about experiential fun not being the arbitrary best as fast as you can be so you can tick another game off and not come back to it.

    • Chirez says:

      The problem is, you are far from guaranteed to actually find ANY of the fun, without referring to the wiki.
      I think they are working to fix that though.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      The guide tells you how to make everything now. The only thing you need the wiki for is to find where to get the extra items you need (e.g. give him a bar of demonite & he’ll tell you all the weapons & armour you can make from it & what their recipies are but he’s not going to tell you where to find stuff like shadow scale).
      I’ve been happily enjoying the game (singleplayer might I add) without needing to resort to the wiki or many of my friends who have been playing it for months already.

  19. thebigJ_A says:

    Easiest way to defeat Destroyer (and Eye, really) is to lay out four or five long (think screen-width) wooden platforms, each just less than jump height above each other, with a vertical wall at each end to keep out the normal baddies while you fight. That way, you can quickly jump up and drop down to get out of the way. The last time I did it, the worm never hit me once.

  20. Nardom says:

    When hearing about Terraria for the first time I wrote it off as a minecraft clone (for the time being, as it’s easier to keep your money safe by being ignorant of new games). But then RPS starts doing their “part X” writeups, and well… I ended up buying the 4player pack from steam just now,.. when the summer sale ended… Anyway, all those RPS multipart stories make me pull out my wallet for these games like i’m trowing around pokeballs, gotta catch em all.

  21. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    If you’re into repeatedly killing the same thing again and again, you could do that in the underworld with Bone Serpents, until you get a Sunfury and a Flamelash.
    Also, don’t forget to build a new house for the clothier NPC. He moves in after you kill the boss guarding the dungeon. If you find a way to kill the guy (as with any other NPC, you cannot attack him directly), you can get a red hat from him (which is, sadly, not compatible with the goldfish bowl).
    Don’t worry, he respawns. Though he does wonder about your new red hat, if you’re wearing it while talking to him…
    Third thing I can think of is to get a Guide voodoo-doll in the underworld. It can be used to kill the guide.
    Finally, you can collect seeds for all the flowers added in the last patch (there are six of them). A flower yields some seeds if it is blooming, which only happens if certain conditions are fulfilled (one flower only blooms at night, another only when it is submerged in water, etc.) Seeds can be planted in clay pots so that the flower can be harvested later. The flowers themselves can be used for alchemy.

  22. Malibu Stacey says:

    I’ve been playing since Monday & I’m currently kicking around the underground jungle as I’m trying to find the items to make the Ivy Whip (upgraded Grappling Hook), Jungle Armour & Blade of Grass. I just made a Thorn Chakram from loot in the Underground Jungle & it’s amazing (I only had the enchanted boomerang until now). Not far off making the Ivy Whip but I need to hunt some diamond if I’m to make the Jungle Armour set.
    I haven’t been to the corruption but I’ve killed the Eye of Cthulhu once already as it randomly spawned for me. I luckily had looted some Jesters arrows before I it spawned so it wasn’t too hard to take down.

    I’d recommend looking for the floating islands. I built my house & NPC villiage up there.

  23. PanzerVaughn says:

    You could also try looking into the community-made adventure and challenge maps.

  24. Nighthawk_3 says:

    An easier way to get to islands is use gravitation potions and hold left of right also use a depth meter to make sure you are in between 300 and 500 feet above ground, as this is where the floating islands are.

  25. BlankGamer says:

    You definitely need an Ivy Whip. It’s like 3 grappling hooks combined!

  26. Lyrica_Ravenkin says:

    First off I would like to say that I really enjoy hearing about Smurf. Even if he does have a fishbowl on his head. I just got the materials to make one and am dying to do so. I find this game very addicting and play quite a bit. I like to make tunnels and am currently trying to get the Nightmare Pick too, I do not like the idea of the game getting harder since I have only been playing for about a week and don’t really have the hang of it yet. I mean that I understand the game and how it works, but I do not have the hang of destroying bosses and such. I find the game challenging as is. I don’t really have any suggestions for what should be done next but I do hope that there will be more about Smurf.