Dumpling Quest: Nioki Adventure

Ignore the Xbox buttons if you can, the game will be on PC as well. Although perhaps you'll play with a controller even then?

If you’re still mourning the fact that Terraria won’t be receiving even more additions, perhaps the appearance of a game that looks very much like Terraria on the distant horizon may be succour to you in these hard times. Take out your ocular device of choice and scan the distant land of ‘unannounced release date’, there in the valley of ‘very early stages’ you’ll see Nioki Adventure. There are only a couple of screenshots to look at, the art style reminding me of Tontie. An emphasis on cooperative play and a class system differentiate from Terraria, while crafting and exploration of random worlds undifferentiate a little. Another picture awaits below.

More information should be with us soon and in the meantime, here’s a quote from the developers about quests and classes:

“A defining feature of the game is the emergence of several sidequests (with one main quest) to encourage cooperation in completing challenges. The RPG aspect of the game gives to the player the opportunity to shape his character and personalize it with skills and specializations associated with that character’s class.”

I do enjoy cooperating on a good sidequest or several Now I just want to play Tontie all afternoon though, which is what happens whenever I remember it exists. A dangerous business this remembering. It’s from Grow creator Eyezmaze and it’s brilliant.


  1. Kyrius says:

    Looks pretty colorful (in a good way), tough a bit childish… I can live with some “childish” in my life! And thanks for remembering about Tontie, now I have to spend my afternoon working instead of playing it…

  2. wcanyon says:

    My kid will dig this for sure. I’ll keep an eye on it. Also: eye lazors ftw!

  3. Anthile says:

    Needs starring eyes tag.

    • LTK says:

      Did you do that on purpose? Because it looks like eyes do play a prominent role in the game.

  4. Obc says:

    title picture reminds me more of Glitch than terraria

  5. rustybroomhandle says:

    Methinks that this game does not fit the description of “a game that looks very much like Terraria”.

    Starbound, however, does – and is being made by one of the Terraria devs and a bunch of other nice people. link to playstarbound.com

  6. Chmilz says:

    Looks like Terraria… if Terraria was lame and shipped on a console.

  7. googoogjoob says:

    looks less like terraria and more like blocks that matter