Jeff Goldblum & Ron Perlman Star In Cod Blops 3 Zombies

I would buy the heck out of Call of Duty: Black Ops III‘s [official site] co-op Zombies mode as a cheaper standalone game. The mode has developed into such silly schlock horror, and draws an increasingly impressive cast of folks from cult movies while going weirder places.

This year’s offering, named Shadows of Evil, will see Jeff ‘Jeff Chuffing Goldblum’ Goldblum, Ron ‘War Never Changes’ Perlman, Neal McDonough off Band of Brothers, and Heather ‘How’s Annie?’ Graham teaming up to fight zombies and tentacled monsters in a noir-y ’40s world. It looks absurd and I like it so much. Come watch the trailer to see Jeff Goldblum as The Magician, chewing the scenery as if it were made of delicious buttery Marmite toast.

Shadows of Evil sees The Magician, The Boxer, The Cop, and The Femme-Fatale in the noirish Morg City, seemingly to judge or punish them for terrible things they’ve done. Their torment mostly takes the form of shooting hordes of zombies and monsters, which sounds all right to me. It’s the usual CoD Zombies dealio: survive, get fancier guns, and gain weird powers from bubblegum. As The Magician says, “If it imbues me with paaaaah, mmmthen chew I will!”

Cod Blops 3 is coming on November 6th. I wish Zombies were coming standalone too.


  1. Runty McTall says:

    Wow, that does look good. I look forward to picking that up very cheaply in a few years (and will now take a look at the earlier games and their zombie modes, which presumably are available pretty cheaply right now).

    • Janichsan says:

      *snort* BlOps 1 still sells for 40 € on Steam, BlOps 2 for the after all these years unchanged price of € 60. Without DLC, that is…

      • Xocrates says:

        Yeah, Acti-Blizz take ridiculous amounts of time to lower their game prices and even then it’s generally not by much. The cheaper ones will usually be around still hang on the 15€-20€ scale, and good luck finding them on sale under that, anything more recent will usually be on the 30€-40€ scale.

        • Runty McTall says:

          Black Ops 1 for PC is currently £8.99 from Ghosts is £6.70.

          They just don’t seem to reduce them on Steam (even the sales are stupid – “Black Ops, now only £19.99!”)

      • Runty McTall says:

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. I’ve been waiting ages for BlOps 1 to come down to £7 in a sale and it never did (£7 is my “not really fussed but what the hell” threshold). So just recently I got it off Amazon for about £8 and once installed it activates on Steam.

        For the record, am about half way through the singleplayer and it’s astonishingly awful (plot and game design).

  2. Thirith says:

    Perhaps they should use this to finance Hellboy 3…

  3. Gap Gen says:

    Is it weird how Call of Duty has become so bloated that it contains the child of Left 4 Dead and Bioshock inside it?

    • Gap Gen says:

      Prediction: in 2025 only one game will be released every year but it contains like fifty individual games.

    • GernauMorat says:

      Was just thinking that. Also The Darkness by the looks of it.

    • Runty McTall says:

      Yeah, the CoD games often now include:
      – Single player
      – Multi player
      – Co-op missions
      – Zombies / horde mode

      Does cover all the bases though – I buy games largely for co-op, so that and the zombie mode gets them a sale from me (albeit long after release, at greatly reduced prices, but still).

  4. RedViv says:

    I want this to be a fully realised game SO MUCH.

  5. Ross Angus says:

    Error 405: cynicism not detected.

  6. int says:

    That looks wonderful. Best music I’ve ever heard in a trailer too.

  7. GameCat says:

    I wonder why they keep the zombie mode in COD. They could just split them up and earn 2x more money!

    • Gap Gen says:

      They charge 2x the money anyway. Plus I guess they don’t want to fragment their userbase. Maybe they’ll spin off sometime, though?

  8. lowprices says:

    Seconding everyone here to say that if this were a standalone game I would play the heck out of it. Also more games need Jeff Goldblum in them. Get on it, games developers.

  9. kael13 says:

    Please let this be the start of Jeff Goldblum’s video game voice acting career. I do so hope it turns out swimmingly.

  10. Simon_Scott says:

    Pretty sure that’s Peter Bowles, actually.

  11. Gasser says:

    The article’s photo made me think that this was a tie in with “The Goon.” Sad to learn that it isn’t but it still looks cool.

  12. mechanixis says:

    Zombie mode has transcended being a tacked-on minigame and become an annual glimpse into IPs the COD devs would rather be working on.

  13. Muttsinharmony says:

    Heather “How’s Annie?” Graham, yes! or Heather “Garmonbozia” Graham

  14. harley9699 says:

    Scrolling through the articles, saw this picture, that it was Will Ferrell.

  15. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    The one thing I have always hated about CoD zombies is how they are geared towards chest shots as opposed to headshots. It completely ruins the game for me.

    Have they ever changed that since the first Black Ops?

    • that_guy_strife says:

      Did we play the same games ? Less bullets to kill and additional points via the head.

  16. ironhorse says:

    Great.. now i just want a multiplayer version of “the Darkness”