Dawn Of War 3 Announced: Trailer And First Details

Relic are making Dawn of War 3 for release in 2017. Trés excite. What we have about the strategy game so far is a press release and a CG trailer, but if there’s one game that’s allowed to reveal itself via silly computer generated bombast, it’s probably this one about an endless galactic war. Look at the satisfied war face above, then hop below to watch the trailer and see if you feel similarly.

Mmm, war.

Unlike most inevitable sequels, there’s no clear blueprint for Dawn of War 3 due to the first two games being so different. From the release, it sounds as if Relic are aiming to honour both, saying that the game “combines the epic scale of Dawn of War, with the customization and elite heroes of Dawn of War II.” It’s not clear what that really means, but base building is making a return after being excised from the sequel.

“Dawn of War III immerses players in the escalating brutality of galactic warfare, where they will lead elite hero units and colossal armies to victory, or oblivion,” continues the press release. I wouldn’t normally quote this stuff but it suggests Relic might be attempting to capture the differences in scale that often get lost when WH40K is translated to a top-down strategy game. “Powerful super-walkers will tower over the front lines as screen-shaking assaults blister the battlefield in an all-out, over-the-top spectacle worthy of the iconic Games Workshop® Warhammer 40,000 universe.”

The trailer above obviously contains the spectacle and nothing else, although the release also confirms that the races shown are the three the game will focus on: Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks. Here’s hoping the Tyranids aren’t a pre-order bonus.

This isn’t the first public mention of Dawn of War 3. That was way back in 2011, when Relic were still owned by the now departed THQ. It’s likely safe to assume little of that original plan remains.


  1. Komm says:

    …Well today has started out well! To the hypemobile!

  2. Wyrm says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!

  3. DarkLiberator says:


  4. GernauMorat says:


    Only in death does duty end.

  5. keefybabe says:

    Oh look, Space Marines and Orks. How original.

    So bored of Space Marines and Orks… NECRONS OR GTFO!

    • Volcanu says:

      SM and orks are both in there sure, but my takeaway was of a very Eldar centric trailer for sure.

      Certainly the focus seemed to be on Knight class walkers. And the Wraithknight was clearly as OP as its tabletop counterpart.

    • mouton says:

      What part of “endless war” do you not understand? Of course there are the same core factions, that’s what it is all about.

      • Optimaximal says:

        I got over Nazi Super Men in shoulder pads shooting hoards of green football yobs in the face for their god in my teens… My favourite 40K stuff have been ones focused on the IG and other ‘satellite’ races or locations. That and Gorka Morka.

        DoW 3 should have taken a hint from Company of Heroes 2 and focused on something less well trodden (although that may explain why CoH2 was a flop).

        • mouton says:

          That’s very mature of you. But Space Nazis are a core element of the conflict, whether you “got over them” or not.

          I “got over” actual Nazis, but they stubbornly remain a key element of the Second World War. Wonder why, maybe because they are!

          • Optimaximal says:

            What a fallacious argument. Nobody has to ‘get over’ the German Nazi party because they were a real entity that caused immense suffering to millions during one of the darkest period of human history – they weren’t a playable faction in a fictional boardgame.

            My point was every attempt at producing entertainment products in Games Workshop’s sci-fi universe keeps falling back on making the genetically modified white supremacist faction with xenophobic tendencies the defacto ‘good guys’, despite GW themselves trying their best to paint the entire Imperium as ‘grey’ at best.

            It’s boring, given there are innumerable races they can do interesting stuff without reverting to the Space Marines/Ork/Chaos/Eldar like they have done for so many other entries in the series.

          • magogjack says:

            Thank you !

            I feel exactly the same way. If anything the Tau would make a much more relatable “good” faction. They are to man what man is to the eldar in 40k.

          • manny says:

            Speaking of nazis, did anyboy catch the 3 I’s representing 3 furnace chimmneys where space nazis fall into to be turned into ash?

        • Scraphound says:

          “I got over Nazi Super Men in shoulder pads shooting hoards of green football yobs in the face for their god in my teens…”

          How cultured and discerning!

          Guess what? This game isn’t made for you. It’s not meant for hardcore WH40K snobs. It’s meant for gamers in general, and when most people think of Warhammer 40K, they think Space Marines and Orks duking it out. So that’s what they get, with maybe some Eldar thrown in, and Tau and Necrons eventually making their way as DLC for the hardcore 40K fans and the hooked DoW3 players.

    • Rizlar says:

      Suddenly Titans!

      • Asurmen says:

        Those are Knights, not Titans.

        • Thornback says:

          Knights are Titans, they’re just the smallest. They use titan class weapons after all, and that’s about all that really matters.

          Does it walk around and does it have those weapons are pretty much all the criteria.

          • Asurmen says:

            Knights aren’t Titans at all.

          • Harmless Sponge says:

            Mnyeaahhh.. Awkward one this, Adeptus Titanicus yes, Titan no.

            “However, a Knight is smaller and less capable in combat than even the smallest class of true Titan utilised by the Titan Legions, the Warhound-class Scout Titan. “

  6. unitled says:

    I mean, awesome trailer. Really sent chills down my spine. I have LOVED both the previously DoW games, without a doubt to my mind the best uses of that licence.

    That said… Base building? SAD FACE! Space Marines don’t chop down trees :(

    • Jakkar says:

      Don’t be sillyyyy… I felt the Space Marine construction systems from the original game worked perfectly, with the servitors simply ‘setting up’ orbital drop pods into ground-based support structures that would then receive deliveries….

      • unitled says:

        I didn’t mind the base building at all? I just preferred the Dawn of War II system.

        See, this is the problem though… 40k is so many different things to different people, so the ideal DoWIII for me might be one you hate (and judging by your comments below, probably would be ;) ).

        I feel quite pragmatic though; I know I’ll enjoy it no matter what, as long as there’s a nice strong story. Not exaggerating when I say DoW is the only RTS that I’ve ever finished the campaign mode in, and I’ve finished it on every single game and expansion.

        • mouton says:

          I have faith in Relic that they will stick to their vision, whatever it is, and not cave to the “I WANT TO BUILD BARRACKS AND ARMORY” crowd. They might use some buildings, preferably defensive ones, but I seriously don’t think they will copy DoW1 because sad fans.

          • DarkFenix says:

            DoW1 was a game made for the “I WANT TO BUILD BARRACKS AND ARMOURY” crowd, a crowd I’m a part of. It was a fairly traditional RTS made for that audience.

            Then they dumbed down DoW2, alienating said crowd, for the sake of… I’m not sure what. Trying to make some thick-as-pigshit MOBA/ARPG/RTS hybrid to appeal to the lowest common denominator? (Yeah look at me I can sling mud at people with opinions differing from my own too).

            Seriously though, DoW1 is one of my favourite games of all time, possibly my absolute favourite. I don’t need a clone of it in DoW3, but for me to like it, it’ll need to contain the elements of an RTS. I don’t care if they build on said elements, but I don’t want another insultingly shite game like DoW2 which takes assorted shit from other genres and pastes them over features of the genre I bought into with the DoW series.

          • unitled says:

            “…but I don’t want another insultingly shite game like DoW2”

            Woah, what? I absolutely loved DoWII. I really fell out of love with the campaign style they had in the DoW expansions after Winter Assault, so the strong, character based approach really worked for me.

            I also really liked The Last Stand, actually, that and the drop-in co-op multiplayer I thoroughly enjoyed.

            Just because they took the franchise you didn’t personally like doesn’t mean it’s ‘dumbed’ down. For me, having to work with the limited resources you started a level with made it more compelling.

          • DarkFenix says:

            They removed a lot more than they added, layers of the RTS genre they just threw away for no good reason. That’s why I consider it dumbed down.

            And yeah the single player campaigns in DoW1 were never much good. But I generally rate an RTS on how well its multiplayer can keep me having fun for long after any single player elements would have lost their appeal. I spent years playing DoW1, then modders came along and gave me years more. DoW2 kept me interested for pretty much as long as the single player campaign lasted, so two or three days. I hated the multiplayer with a passion and that DoW2 multiplayer (and the apparently terrible lack of understanding or seething contempt Relic has for their player base) is why I fully expect DoW3 to be a big steaming turd too.

          • Jakkar says:

            Aggressive commenter, but he does have a point; ‘dumbed down’ meaning simplified, with content removed, depth removed, in favour of a very action-oriented, very small-scale game.

            Warhammer 40 is a fairly epic setting, and restricting gameplay to something the size of a few squads (.. like playing the tabletop game on pocket money when you’re twelve, I recall..) with no creative influence upon the battlefield… It just seems like such a waste, and such a strange direction to have taken for the company who made Homeworld, DoW1, and Company of Heroes, all of which had depth and, to some degree, scale.

            DoWII certainly followed the fashions of the time by producing a simple, small-scale game emphasising RPG-style PVP with cooldown abilities and an intensely competitive community, but I don’t feel that in the big picture or the long term this will be seen, retrospectively, as a ‘good’ direction for games in general, or this series in particular.

          • magogjack says:

            The salt is real.

            I never really liked DoW very much, 2 was much more my thing. I perfer tactics to strategy you see and I don’t think that makes it “dumbed down” it just means it has a different focus.
            Real Time Tactics if you will.
            The vitriol you have over this is piffle to the max. I don’t feel out of line saying; grow up a little.

    • anHorse says:

      Yeah, agree with that

      Normal RTS base building just made no sense in a 40k setting

    • mouton says:

      They might go for a hybrid option, with only some buildings and only for some factions.

      Though I am very much tired with so many people considering base building some fucking holy grail.

      • BlackMageSK says:

        For me the only RTS that made base building feel good was Supreme Commander. I could spend all day laying out bases in that game.

    • phylum sinter says:

      hay spaceguy, shut up and zug zug, already. Loktarr if you need to.

      Actually i agree with you… the lack of base building and huge-army management are the two things i loved the most about DoW2 and its’ expansions.

      That said, if anyone can make it not seem like an obstacle to the meat of the game, it’s Relic.

  7. Jakkar says:

    Oh Gods above and below, please let this go back to being an RTS instead of a MOBA-tainted squad combat game with ability cooldowns.

    I guess you could call DoW2 an RTT, insofar as there were any tactics, but if any game of this sort deserves the rather awkward ‘real-time strategy’ title, it was the first in the series.

    I want more of that wonderful base-building with the asymmetric factions. Eldar versus Orks, Space Marines versus Tau, Necrons versus Anyone. It was so original and entertaining to see the brute strength of one faction meet the cloak-and-dagger sneakiness of another, the elite squads of one meet the roaring hordes of another, and to see it all – sort of – balanced well enough to be a joy to play.

    I can’t understand how DoW2 came to be, simplifying all the fun features into something that felt like a squad-based PVP MMORPG.

    Particularly after they showed, with Company of Heroes, that they could take DoW1’s gameplay and make it even more fun, if in a radically less entertaining setting.

    Please, Relic… Give me a worthy follow-up to Dark Crusade. Amplify what made Dawn of War a great game – make it bigger, give us more units with fantastic voice-acting and animation, give us tons of new dynamic sync-kills and unique duels between units.

    Give us the tabletop game with all the dry dicerolls and numerical systems removed and replaced with gore and grimdark style and epic WAAAAARGH!

    • Jakkar says:

      Alright, I watched it, I read it, BASE BUILDING, THE GODS ARE GOOD.

      Chaos, salve my wounds, I shall ascend! D:<

    • Titler says:

      Especially because what is so epic about storming into, or a desperate last stand battle to defend… a telephone box? Or some other arbitrary Control Point on the map? A base you’ve built and designed yourself is so much more meaningful, and dramatic to defend than a preset point, and leads to much more tactical variation than DoW 2’s boring “Rush their power as a blob and the team with the better micro wins, but it drags out for 30 minutes anyway like a typical MOBA” because you won’t necessarily know where the attack has to be directed.

      I know some of you peeps love your MOBAs, but it’s simply a fact that DoW2 was never as popular as DoW1; Relic are wisely trying to bring both gameplay styles back together and re-unite a community that DoW2 split. I hope they’ll also make it as easy to mod as DoW1, which also kept that game alive for so much longer. The Elite Mod programmers in DoW2 have apparently have done a fine job, but the difficulty level of doing anything with the sequel was so much higher few could meet it, where as I was able to dive in and make my first ever mods for the first, as were so so many others…

      Also let’s hope the video indicates that we’re not only getting huge scale killing machines, but that gameplay also has room for tiny theivin’ little grotz, dem runtz is adorable even if dey’z get’z a kickin’ now and den.

    • Sobric says:

      Don’t you think that calling DoW 2 “MOBA-tainted” is revisionist history? DoW 2 was released in early 2009, before the MOBA genre was particularly popular (League of Legends wasn’t released until later that year).

      That said, I too am looking forward to a return to DoW 1 style big armies and base building more than the DoW-2 style maps. And as a plus it looks as though they aren’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater and keeping some of the good bits of DoW2 as well!

    • mouton says:

      Why is building a glorified farm so important to you? Jesus fuck, I am not against base building – I loved both DoW1 and Dow2 to bits – but I just don’t get this fanaticism.

      Also please do not insult DoW2 or I will use words.

      • DarkFenix says:

        I think the complete removal of basebuilding has become synonymous with and most obviously symptomatic of the ridiculous dumbing down DoW2 got from DoW1. If they’d labelled it a spin-off or something rather than a sequel I don’t think there’d have been much complaining, but I loved DoW1, it came close to being my perfect game. Then they released something pretending to be a sequel, but it was like being visited by a relative you’ve not seen in a long time, except it’s not them but someone else wearing their skin, then they punch you in the face, take your money and run away laughing.

        Yes I’m still extremely bitter about DoW2 destroying the series for me.

        • Phidelt230 says:

          Dow2 is close as hell to the tabletop. So youre saying that the game closest to the original 40k is the one “destroying the series”

          Its such a shame that autists like you who want to manage your little bases and rely on APM rather than skill are corrupting the Warhammer brand

          Youre just some nerd who wants to appropriate the series to something that fits YOUR tastes.

          • gunny1993 says:

            … Anyone got an Ironic self awareness meter, mines bottomed out.

          • DarkFenix says:

            So, anyone who likes base building in an RTS is an autistic nerd, right. Do we have a moderator present who can remove this ‘person’?

        • mouton says:

          “dumbing down dumbing down dumbing down”

          No, I am done here.

        • slerbal says:

          I completely disagree that Dawn of War 2 was dumbed down. It was an excellent game that was immense fun in coop. DoW1 was also great, but the hate people are throwing around is completely over the top. Whatever you think of base building it is not something that you do in the actual miniatures game at all.

          • phylum sinter says:

            Same, as a player of the Tabletop i always felt that having such basebuilding was rather pandering to RTS norms, and that when they shed it in DoW2 and its’ expansions that it really felt much more true to the spirit of the universe and TT incarnation.

            I’m okay with some people saying DoW2 is dumbed down, as long as they allow us to recognize the original DoW as an inaccurate depiction of the source material that pandered to genre standards too much.

            The strategy in effectively fighting through each level is rather deep in DoW2. If you felt that it was shallow, or easy, this was fixed by what you do in most other games – turn the difficulty up. On Primarch, getting the ‘performance’ evaluation to be maxxed out was a real challenge for anyone. If you’re up to it, i challenge any of you to try it out yourselves. Simply getting your dudes to shoot the right way was hardly all you had to do, you had to divide squads, approach from different angles, and utilize cover intelligently. Yes, to me, that was enough. It was, and remains one of my favorite points in PC gaming, and i think the fact that it spawned several expansions is telling of the success.

            On to the sales “facts”. Can those that claim DoW2 sold less back their claim up? I’m not willing to dig forever, but i do know that DoW2 topped the global sales charts, and here’s a link about that – link to kotaku.com

            Retribution and the MP mode are still very active there, too.

      • Titler says:

        Because the Orkz in particular had a mechanic where their bases were part of their army, as everything was turreted; furthermore placement of bases in the field leads to logistical elements (speed of reinforcement, ability to switch fronts to strike against, ability to apply constant pressure) all of which added much deeper strategy which DoW2 absolutely doesn’t have… you can’t “Ork Hoard” in DoW2 because you can’t get enough units out, where as in the first you could autowatch Boyz Hutz and have a Slugger Spam running. When they finally balanced that correctly (it was ridiculously overpowered at first), it lead to hilarious matches of bodies piled sky high… but you could also use it to psyche out players who thought they were winning because they were slaughtering so easily, and sat back to brag instead of noticing behind the boyz I would be replacing the harder units, and then oops now your army is melting and now I’m in your base… In DoW 2 you can’t do that because of the unit leveling system means you’re feeding them (just like in a MOBA) and the fact victory points are on a timer means it’s always rush or die; there’s no room for finesse or taking advantage of other player’s idleness.

        Incidentally, the MOBA genre goes back way, way further than 2009; Defence Of The Ancients as a Warcraft mod, was 2002. The first commercial tournaments, or esports, were running when DoW2 was in development; those of us who were active in the DoW1 modding community, and were closely following the development of DoW2 were fully aware at the time MOBA style gameplay was currently HUGE, and we complained about it coming to DoW on the RelicNews forums. It’s actually historical revisionism to claim the opposite, and I wish people would just admit they know the game changed from 1 to 2 and don’t care, because they prefer the change.

        I don’t know what “Base Building” means in DoW3 yet of course, but I’m hoping they keep what made it valuable… the kind of thing that allows you to come back from a half finished building and a single builder unit to winning a 4v1 game because you not only have the skills to fight, but because they don’t understand map control and can’t work out where all those Boyz keep coming from… the kind of game that rewards playing smarter not just faster and harder.

        • unitled says:

          I guess the problem for me was that, regardless of the gameplay impact in the first game (and I’m totally on board that it was an amazing game), in terms of epic battles in the 40K universe, you never, ever hear about how the Orks outmaneuvered the Space Marines by building a hut that conjured more Orks out of nowhere. It just doesn’t seem to fit from a thematic or lore perspective.

          Really what I would like to see is the scope of the first game (with 10s, even 100s of troops in each battle) but without the need to plop down buildings in the middle of an active battlefield.

          • Titler says:

            The Orkz do it in the fluff by planting spores and “alwayz comin’ back fer more”… the Space Marines do it via Orbital bombardment/insertion; but even if you ignore the fluff, nowhere anywhere do battles work by just running your action figures straight at each other and mashing them together… except in online games where some people want short, fast action cut fun. And that’s fine for what it is. Some people love Tarantino movies too, or Joss Whedon style rapid one liners… which I don’t. But it’s not debatable that when you know exactly where the base is, what the control points are etc compared to being able to build your own bases and change the way the points are controlled, the first lacks variety to the second.

            The first game allowed much better stories to come out. The example I gave actually happened to me; It was one of the most glorious games I’ve ever played, whittling down an entire team through cunning hiding of bases more Orkz could spawn from, to the point even the other team were saying “God I hope he wins” and cheering when I did. You just don’t get that kind of story in DoW2, the closest I’ve ever come was throwing away my units to save the match by decapping a point in the last few seconds… dramatic, but it’s the only way you can get that experience, the game set up doesn’t allow for any other story to be told. And if your opponents aren’t daft, they know how to stop it too, and have got massively leveled units to do so, so it virtually never happens.

            I just want more strategy in my real time strategy games.

          • unitled says:

            The examples you give (Orks and spores, Space Marines/Tau and drop pods, Eldar and teleporting) would actually be pretty interesting. Exactly what it is that annoys me is building little armouries and barracks in the middle of the battlefield. It highlights the small scale of the conflicts.

            And you say “…if you ignore the fluff, nowhere anywhere do battles work by just running your action figures straight at each other and mashing them together” but… that’s pretty much the entire basis of the tabletop game. The strategy comes from managing your deployment and your movements, and focussing on objectives, NOT in laying out a base and managing the production of units. These are things I do not find compelling in a game like this. Hence why I never, ever had any interest in playing Starcraft.

            I mean, I don’t mind a metagame of unit production and management, but I think the second-to-second gameplay should be done without building bases beyond fortifications/fixed weapons during a battle.

            Imagine a strategy game which was like a Great Crusade, where you’re managing the planet-to-planet movements of entire battalions; do you front load units for a more effective hammer to smite your enemies, or do you use caution and defend the supply routes back to the Imperium for reinforcements?

          • vlonk says:

            Please go on Youtube to the Miniwargaming Channel and look up their supreme Warhammer 40k Campaigns. They involve elaborate setups, military bases, cityscapes, wartorn battlefields, “indoor” and close quarter encounters and even a fight on and around an advancing huge orc bomba.

            The potential is HUGE and I do not understand the ressentiments against bases. Lets have huge bases, big complexes that we lay out and plan and ponder about only to see them overrun by orcs, infiltrated by burrowing tyranids or droped on by spacemarine pods. More toys = more variety = more potential. Just let the designers do their thing and outclass supreme commander by bringing FUN to the big scale wars.

      • asmodemus says:

        I really liked both games.
        That being said, I have absolutely no idea why people are so keen to go back to base building. I think DOW 2 did great things by getting away from that mechanic.
        It’s not like the world doesn’t have Starcraft for people who want to play 40k as a full RTS base building game.
        I thought the reinforcement system in 2 worked pretty well for a setting where reinforcements are invariably coming from off world. Space Marines don’t exactly set up camp and start breeding out Terminators.
        It’s also a bit sad people are so screechy about “dumbing down.” Unless you’ve played and finished Dune 2 with all the houses and enjoyed the “complexity” of placing multiple individual tiles under each building and moving every single unit solo before grouping was invented – blow it out your arse.

    • Phidelt230 says:

      You yourself say that you dont like the tabletop.

      Maybe you should be playing a different game.

      You do realize warhammer 40k is a tabletop skirmish game.

      I dont like 40k anymore but it puts me off that people who dont understand/dont like 40k in the first place are influencing 40k games.

      Its because of aggressively stupid nerds like you we got Age of Sigmar

      • Asurmen says:

        Because 40K computers games must be EXACTLY like the tabletop, right?

        Oh, wait, they’re not and they don’t have to be. Seems to me that those wanting to have the same game should just go play the tabletop. Stop whining that people who don’t like the tabletop are influencing the computer games, because it’s a dumb irrelevant point.

        As for AoS, no, blame for that rests with GW like all dumb decisions. Get off your high horse.

        • Slaadfax says:

          To be completely fair, there’s a hundred legitimate reasons why someone would want a digital version of the tabletop game, most of them involving cost, setup and play time, and potentially how good or sucky they are at painting.

          • Asurmen says:

            Which A) is a complete waste of the use of a computer game and B) will never ever happen.

    • Phidelt230 says:

      You talk about simplifying and dumbing down and say that you want a literal dumbed down tabletop experience (no dice rolls or ‘numbers’)

      No wonder you didnt like DoW2. It was like the tabletop instead if just watching explosions with a slack jaw

    • slerbal says:

      I had no issue with Dow2 dumping base building which for many of us was something that had been done to death and pretty much killed RTSs. That you enjoy them is absolutely fine, but is the hate of DoW2 really necessary? People are allowed to enjoy both :)

  8. w0bbl3r says:

    A bit worried that the trailer states three races only.
    That leaves the rest as paid DLC, and as hinted here, possibly pre-order bonus bull-poopy.

    Other than that, I am super-duper-psyched for this. Not being a massive fan of any kind of table-top game, and not even a huge RTS player, I loved both DOW games equally in their own way. They just grabbed me, and were awesome in every way.

    Can’t wait to see some gameplay, hopefully won’t have to wait too long

    • Jakkar says:

      I would pay the price of another whole game to play Necrons again, w0bbl3r…

    • Asurmen says:

      I see no reason to start down the DLC rumourmongering just yet.

    • Snidesworth says:

      I strongly suspect that they’re doing what they did with DoW2 and holding back the 4th faction, who will be the big nemesis, for a later reveal. They kept the presence of Tyranids under wraps for quite a while.

      People are speculating that the “Death comes for us all” line might be alluding to Necrons, though the gigantic bodypile does scream Khorne.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Are you forgetting how many expansions DoW1 got to add new races? The core game only had Marines, Chaos, regular eldar, and Orks Orks ORKS ORKS. IG, Necrons, Tau, Derp Eldar, and the Sisters were all expansions.

      There’s nothing I can see fundamentally wrong with having all but a core set of races being DLC bolt-ons, so long as there’s no shenanigans about using them in multiplayer, buying the Goatee edition with the lot of them doesn’t rack up some absurd price, and the balance is good (which it has to be either way; all DLC adds here is the spectre of pay-to-win, but an RTS with imbalanced factions already has problems).

  9. mrpier says:

    Hate getting hyped from a cinematic trailer, but damn…

    • XxBrentos9xX says:

      Ikr? I bought Dark Crusade and DOW 2 based off the trailers. Relic should make a movie like this. Sci-fi, fantasy large scale battles just make me giddy

      • Optimaximal says:

        I still think the Dawn of War intro is probably the best, most memorable and well storyboarded CGI I’ve seen to date. Yes, it’s a bit old-looking now because we all had slow computers with tiny monitors then, but it’s so kinetic and ’40K’, unlike later intros.

        The way the Ork slaps the bomb on the Dreadnaught… the swoopy Thunderhawks… The kinetic, gutteral combat…

        /watches on YouTube

        • LionsPhil says:

          The DoW2 one was pretty solid too. “I’VE COME TO DESTROY YOU.” Oh dreadnaughts, always the life of the party.

          This one, honestly, feels a bit tepid in comparison.

          • mouton says:

            This one takes the prize for being the most depressing, though. As in “grim” and “dark”.

            Also, beautiful, beautiful banshees and wraithlords.

          • Koozer says:

            This one did feel a bit aimless, but you can’t argue with a massive metaphorical pile of corpses. I’m hoping it’s a huge Chaos hint; they’d be completely insane to not include them.

  10. Volcanu says:

    Well I’m very excited that it’s been announced at last!

    Bit of a weird trailer to be honest though. Not sure what the the ork pyramid and weirdly gurning Blood Ravens doing Earth Song impressions were all about.

    To be honest It’s probably the disappointment at not hearing Paul Dobson spouting some grandiose nonesense (I mean that in the best way possible) like I was hoping.

    Still, good news for sure.

    • Titler says:

      I had to watch it a few times more before I think I got the idea; It’s possible they are all experiencing the “spirit of war” or some estoric concept in their own individual way, with “War” being symbolised by the mountain at the start. It blasts and strips away the flesh of the Marines, who resist it in kneeling religious devotion. I wasn’t sure if the human face they see in it was meant to be the Emperor, or the corruption of Chaos, but then the mountain devolves down into huge hoards of Orks who loot and strip the battlefield after the carnage; for the Eldar, the mountain appears as a lofty set of isolated peaks, from which they look on disdainfully before leaping down into the fight all the same… at which point we see the actual conflict as the tools of the war batter at each other, the reality of War, but the video comes full circle at the end with the Spess Mehrine about to be crushed beneath the giant chainsword, holding up his own as if in tribute to how at both scales both have done their duty for the Emperor, and smiling in his sense of harmony…

      I think anyway. Could just be lots of WH40k porn, and that’s fine by me too. Gretchin front and centre, dat’z da stuff.

      • Volcanu says:

        Watching it again, your interpretation does seem to fit. Have to be honest I didn’t really spot the symbolism of the mountain for each faction the first time through.

        • Titler says:

          Notice too that the bodies fall back into the mountain/bowl at the end, in 3 symbolic streams… I think it’s clearly meant to be some sort of dream state / after life / Colosseum of eternal war thingy.

          Also it probably is the Emperor that they’re kneeling before, due to the plethora of shoulder eagles and lack of spikey bits on the model. But it’s a symbolic one, as it melts into hoards of orkz, and until we loot his golden throne and turn it into a mobile erotikk dancin’ grot stage, he’s not normally fulla orkz.

  11. Asurmen says:

    Some more details here:

    link to pcgamer.com

  12. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    That trailer was seriously playing up the grimness and the darkness. Along with the semi-poetic voiceover it could almost have been Dark Souls.

    • unitled says:

      Interesting considering one of the main influences for Dark Souls was the Fighting Fantasy series, notably created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, founders of Games Workshop.

      I keep meaning to do an article or gallery of John Blanche art and how its influence can be felt on the Souls series; he was a Fantasy Artist responsible for much of the early look and feel of both Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, and illustrated some of the FF books (and the Sorcery! series).

      Seems it could now come full circle and be influencing 40k properties!

  13. Farsearcher says:


    Loved Dawn Of War 1 and enjoyed DOW 2

    Now lets hope they don’t DLC it to death like they did with Company Of Heroes 2.

    (as an aside it’s well worth trying Dawn Of War 1 with the Ultimate Apocalypse mod. Tons of new units for all races including titans.)

    • onionman says:

      I have way too many hours on COH2 relative to how much I actually enjoy the game and completely agree.

      That said, I think the structural problems with COH2 are likely the result of its main development phases coinciding with THQ’s collapse. Relic has done well enough for Sega, and Sega is doing well enough in general, and the COH2 community has been so vocal about predatory DLC practices, that I’m optimistic for a better result here.

    • onionman says:

      In other words I’m totally cool with paying $10 for Necrons or whatever. $5 for OP “elite units”/commanders/whatever that will be nerfed in 2 months once everybody pays for it–i.e. the COH2 revenue model–will kill this game as surely as it killed COH2.

    • vorador says:

      The first Dawn of War had so much expansion packs it almost reached The Sims 2 level of absurdity. I wouldn’t be surprised if DoW 3 is the same.

      And i know i will buy all of them.

  14. erbinzky says:

    So much YES!!!

  15. Gordon Shock says:

    I’ll be the French speaking stickler by pointing out that it is:




    and “excite” should be “excité”. I hate it when my mother tongue gets butchered in the name of cool.

    That being said, very epic last shot in that trailer, it doesn’t really make sense but mighty epic nonetheless. I am psyched!

    • Kaeoschassis says:

      If it’s any consolation, we English speakers butcher our own native tongues pretty much continuously. Sometimes in the name of cool, sometimes just because.

      Since I don’t want my first-and-possibly-only comment in this thread to have nothing to do with the game, I’ll just say hell yes! It’s about time!

      I am 100% okay with this being the one and only game we allow complete, total hype for at all levels.

  16. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    God damn that was an awesome trailer.

    I really like the goofy, gothic, grimdark aesthetic of 40k,, but I’ve never actually gotten into the franchise beyond appreciating the artwork at a distance. What little I played of Space Marine felt disappointingly bland in that respect, but think I’ve got a copy of DoW2 kicking around from some Humble Bundle or other, so maybe I’ll have to finally try that one out.

    • mouton says:

      W40K is generally best as art and as an idea. Once you get down to books, games etc. it can often lose much of its charm.

      Dawn of War games were glorious, though.

      • gunny1993 says:

        Disagree, I thought warhammer was just shitty SPAAACCC MARIIINNNN crap until I actually started reading some of the [good] books, it really allowed me to get into the feeling of the setting, especially since a lot of the books a really well written.

        Oh and it’s always fun to read a book then see what 1d4chan has written about characters in it.

        • mouton says:

          The fact that a lot of W40K fandom is concentrated in places like 4chan and its environs is a huge put-off for me. But to each their own.

          • LionsPhil says:

            Nah, the worst fans are the ones that take it seriously.

          • mouton says:

            Maybe, haven’t met any. Have seen plenty of 4channers talking about fags and w40k, though.

          • gunny1993 says:

            That’s a pretty weak reason not to even bother with an entire universe of fiction, it’s like saying you won’t read any author who writes their work by hand because tonnes of assholes used to write their vile propaganda by hand.

          • Kaeoschassis says:

            To be honest, if you wanted to avoid all fiction that either A- has hateful elements within its fanbase or B- has had hateful elements of some OTHER community directed at it then you’d never read, play, watch or listen to anything, ever.

          • mouton says:

            I do not avoid all fiction, just much of the internet side of the whole deal.

  17. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    I seem to be in the minority in preferring DOW2 to the first game, at least at the campaign level. Playing an amped up RPG where I kit out my party in gear–much of which isn’t a direct upgrade but a horizontal move–is much more fun than another “build a base and churn out units” title.

    • DarkFenix says:

      I’m all for that kind of gameplay in the single player campaign, that’s (in my opinion) the only thing DoW2 did better than DoW1. Oh and they should put in Last Stand too, that was fine. But give me my DoW1 skirmish/multiplayer where I can actually play an RTS.

    • Phidelt230 says:

      Yea. There are a million other traditional RTSs. Now theyre dumbing down the game (simole cover, less active abilities, less micro) to pander to the crowd that wants to do nothing but attack-move with blobs of units

      • gunny1993 says:

        When both sides of an argument are accusing the other of “Dumbing down” it makes me think that, maybe, just maybe, everyone’s a fucking idiot.

      • P.Funk says:

        Wait, isn’t the RTS genre supposed to be mostly dead?

    • PancakeWizard says:

      Saying you prefer DoW2 to DoW1 is not controversial, it’s just unmeasurable.

      It’s like saying you prefer Super Mario Galaxy to FIFA. They are genres apart.

    • TakeItEasyMon says:

      DOW2 was superior IMO. Perfect amount of units to manage + abilities. No base building, focus on squad combat and tactics, not who has highest CPM.

      • Catsiel says:

        DOW2 was more about CPM/APM than DOW1. You had to cycle your heroes quickly while spamming their abilities to be competitive.

  18. Firkragg says:

    To quote my good friend Drax after seeing the trailer.


  19. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Relic are bring their A game to a CGI DoW trailer and if the game includes the scale this one seems to be implying then I am truly overjoyed.

  20. TomxJ says:

    For the sake of sanguinus just release a CGI movie already.

    • Bull0 says:

      They did, it’s a snoozefest.

    • TakeItEasyMon says:

      Agreed. Why can’t they hire -these- people instead of that awful space smurfs thing that came out a few years ago. The CGI team for dow2 was amazing.

      • Bull0 says:

        Basically because this standard is hella expensive. I read something along the lines of the original Dawn of War cinematic intro costing roughly the same as that feature-length Ultramarines movie to produce. Not sure how true it is but I’m willing to believe it.

        • Sinjun says:

          I believe it. That’s why the Warcraft movie doesn’t look as good as the best of the Blizzard cinematics like WotLK. There’s an insane level of craft, time, and polish put into every second of these minutes long trailers that just can’t realistically be replicated over a 2 hour movie.

  21. skulgun says:

    Is there a new RPS Faction Speculation sweepstakes upcoming? I need updates on what to say to get a rise out of 40k nerds.

  22. kud13 says:

    “Combining the epic massive armies of DoW1 with the mighty heroes of DoW 2”

    So, squad-based Warcraft 3, then. I will be okay with that, if the metamap stuff is up to par as well.

    Of course, given the DoW track record, we’ll have to wait for second expansion to get the “real” game.

    • LionsPhil says:

      “Epic massive armies of DoW1″…that laughing sound you can hear from 80km away on the other side of the map is Chris Taylor.

      I mean, it’s fine to be DoW1-scale. It’s roughly the one Westwood worked at, and not everything needs to be SupComm. Although if you really want huge units towering over the regular mooks like in the trailer, perhaps you oughta consider it.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        I honestly PREFERRED Dawn of War for its smaller unit caps. I liked having to actually consider what to spend said caps on (especially with vehicles, gosh), and I liked the focus on more tactical use of squads, especially with the likes of the Space Marines or Tau. Of course, I’m TERRIBLE, truly abysmal at RTS, and have always preferred turn-based stuff, so my liking an element of Dawn of War does not necessarily make that element good.

        Anyway I just felt the need to defend that aspect in its own rights. It’s still stupid of them to refer to that as “epic scale”.

  23. Guy Montag says:

    So many dead space marines. Thanks for making sure we know that the humans will be represented by the superior Imperial Guard.

    *goes back to reading Gaunt’s Ghosts*

    • Harmless Sponge says:

      Been waiting for The Warmaster since at least 2015 :'( It’s been pushed maybe three times and is now 2017, my heart breaks a little more with each Amazon notification telling me of another delay…

  24. BlacKHeaDSg1 says:

    I kinda wished for Black Templars … but Blood Ravens will do it xD


    • Detocroix says:

      It’s a shame they still don’t want to make other chapters playable in the campaign. All they need to do is rerecord some lines to fit the general theme of the chapter (in theory, its not like DoW is very lore / mechanic true to begin with).

      I personally would prefer Ultramarines (duty, honor, whatnot, old values, yay for the Imperium) or Blood Angels (probably because that’s the only chapter I liked before going full on CSM) over Black Templars, but even Black Templars would do if we could throw away the piss poor Ravens :)

      • Zekiel says:

        Weeeeell that really wouldn’t have worked with the plot of DOW2 Chaos Rising which was actually all about the Blood Ravens. For the vanilla campaign and DOW1 I think they could have been swapped out for any other chapter, as far as I recall.

  25. fuggles says:

    Related, but how about some love for the thousand sons mod for soulstorm, only a decade in the make:

    link to moddb.com

    Not much that is not covered in soulstorm, if you look outside the ua mod, especially as race mods combine.

  26. DanMan says:

    Allahu Akbar!!

  27. PancakeWizard says:

    So for anyone not clear what this one will bring to the franchise:


    • mpk says:

      It’s been a long, long time since I played Epic or 40K, but I’m pretty sure the Space Marine machines in that video were Knights – I can’t for the life of me remember what the equivelant Eldar and Orc machines were called though.

      They’re smaller than Titans, but bigger than Dreadnoughts.

  28. mpk says:


  29. apa says:

    Reading the comments, we really need a WH40K RTS where one side builds base and the other has hero units. Then you guys can settle it in multiplayer :D

    • asmodemus says:

      Oh god. This.

      Would be insanely hard but amazing to watch the “hero” player trying to fight through the “swarm” player.

  30. ZombieFX says:


  31. Chiron says:

    All I want is Wargame: 40’000

    Is that so much to ask?

    DoW1 was alright but it really was very focused on Multiplayer, the single player was never anything special at all.

    DoW2 I really couldn’t get in to, the Commander looked far to much like a boy band member for me to want to do anything but feed him to the enemy. It had nice out of battle bits though with the leveling and relic stealing.

    • TakeItEasyMon says:

      They eventually removed vanilla ice marine and replaced him with someone appropriately bald and menacing. Changed the voice too if I recall.

    • mouton says:

      The “YOU are the Force Commander, my american teenage player whose face I wear” part of DoW2 was terrible indeed.

      The rest of the deal, the characters, the voice acting, the atmosphere, the glorious mass death of Emperor’s foes – these things were rather appropriate.

    • Alex says:

      yes yes yes, wargame 40k would be the perfect basis to recreate epic. If only wargame had the moding capability…

      GW have done most of the other specialist games:
      Mordheim, check
      total Warhammer, check
      battle fleet gothic, check
      bloodbowl, check
      space hulk, check and check
      man of war, in progress…

      just epic left to remake, I have lots of love for Final Liberation but its getting old and only has imp vs ork

      • notlimahc says:

        There’s still no Necromunda video game. Two gangs fighting it out in the Underhive is perfect for a team-based multiplayer FPS.

      • Zekiel says:

        Inquisitor CRPG, get it done GW. Basically Mass Effect in 40K (probably with 100% less romance)

        • Chiron says:

          Space Marine and Banshee fall in love, calling it now. Though it’d be nice to see a nod to Love Can Bloom with a Vindicare and Farseer romance.

  32. TakeItEasyMon says:

    For me DOW2 pvp was about as good as it gets, I feel like there’s only a few of us who are still playing this daily. Retribution could have used just one more balance pass, but it’s lasted this long and still been extremely enjoyable.

    I couldn’t be more excited for this, but I do loathe base building. DOW2 had the perfect mix for me of a few squads and abilities without being unmanageable.

  33. Hunchback says:

    Yes, please!

  34. Spacewalk says:

    It’s raining space marines? Is that the drop site massacre?

  35. wodin says:

    Imagine if they made it either turn based or simultaneous\WEGO based. I’d be in heaven. Highly unlikely though. Unless they make a big departure and do go more inline with the actual mini’s game or drop scale again to an XCom like game.

    • Azrell says:

      Chaos Gate is the Xcom style turn based 40k you have been looking for. Its old… real old. I remember booting it from dos.

      • Volcanu says:

        It’s not THAT old. I mean it’s old sure, a contemporary of Baldurs Gate 1, but it was still a Windows 95 title.

        Also you can get it on GOG now. And you definitely should. Tactically still far more compelling than the new XCOMs

  36. AutonomyLost says:

    I know nothing about the Warhammer Universe other than what I’ve gleaned from the many comments I’ve read on various forums, however this trailer was great and has me excited to see what’s up the sleeve of this new DoW game. I had the second game of the (now, I suppose) trilogy on my Steam Wishlist forever, but never made the purchase. I may revisit that decision.

  37. csbear says:

    AAA video game trailers are just bad much of the time. After seeing so many crap trailers throughout the years, I have to admit, this actually was done very well. Got some goosebumps…

  38. Torabayashi says:


  39. Zaxwerks says:

    You know how when you were young and watched Buster Crab in Flash Gordon and for some reason felt odd in a special way whenever he got his shirt off and got all sweaty but you were too young to fully understand these burgeoning feelings, you just knew that “it felt right”… no?… just me then?… well THAT… I’ve taken this to a bad place haven’t I?

  40. manio22 says: