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Dusk Of War

What went wrong with Dawn of War III, and what should Relic do next?

Yesterday's news that the muted response to Dawn of War III means no Necrons, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard and definitely no Squats saddened me. It did not, however, sadden me as much as Dawn of War III itself did.

I have no objection to Relic wishing to dabble in other genres rather than fearfully stick to real-time strategy routine - after all, they made the ARPG element of Dawn of War II work, particularly by the time of the first expansion pack. But DOW3 was oddly limp in execution, despite the presence of some of 40K's most colourful heavy-hitters. I needed a decent singleplayer mode to cut my teeth on before I'll even consider multiplayer, and it went through apathetic motions there - so I drifted away. Clearly, I was not alone. And now I mourn for a series I once loved, and worry that it might be all over.

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