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Mekboy's treat: Dawn of War 3 launches new mod tools

Make the waaagh you want

While Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 [official site] has not been to everyone's tastes (our review was fond of its multiplayer but not the singleplayer, for the record), players do now have extra options to tinker with and improve it. Developers Relic Entertainment today launched a big update which includes new mod tools to let folks create new modes and bits, fiddling with it in ways beyond the level editor that was already out. And for those who already like what Dawn of War 3 is, hey, the update included a shedload of balance tweaks.

Relic say that the new mod tools, which include the Attribute Editor and Tuning Pack, "will enable resourceful modders to re-imagine multiplayer balance, create new abilities or change existing ones, and build more detailed game modes to support them."

The Dawn of War 3 Steam Workshop will support these new types of creations, which is a handy way to download and install things.

If you fancy a crack at a mod yourself, hit Relic's modding wiki for more information.

As for the balance changes, hit the patch notes for full details.

The update initially launched yesterday but Relic rolled it back following an unexpected error. They relaunched it, fixed up, this evening.

If you missed the news last week: Relic are now working on Age of Empires IV, a long-overdue all-new entry in the vintage historical strategy series.

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