The Talos Principle 2 Discreetly Announced

The Talos Principle 2 is coming. At some point. In some form. That’s all I can tell you. Croteam’s Alen Ladavac confirmed it during a talk at the Nordic Game conference this morning, and that’s all. It is coming. Which is grand!

The Talos Principle [official site] arrived in December 2014 so, although the philsophical first-person puzzler is pretty great, it got a little lost in the usual December busyness. But the Serious Sam gang followed it up with a fine expansion in 2015 and evidently all is right in the world, because a sequel is coming too.

Now, the chain of this announcement is a bit messy. But do keep up. So. This chap, Damir Đurović, saw Ladavac’s Talos Principle talk at Nordic Game today and apparently the end of the talk included a cheeky mention of a sequel:

That’d be a pretty indirect announcement for me to post about, but Croteam’s own Twitter account retweeted that so… unless they’re pulling some serious japes, rolling deep in the bants with the lads on a Friday, it’s probably legit.

At the complete opposite end of the first-person game spectrum, Croteam have also been working on Serious Sam 4. Last we heard, Jonas Kyratzes and Verena Kyratzes had signed up as writers for it. You might remember them from the Lands of Dream games, and Jonas wrote on Talos too. It’s nice that they’ve become super-pals with Croteam.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Don Reba says:

    That reminds me that I have to get back on the road. Gehenna is not getting any closer.

  2. Darth Gangrel says:

    That’s good news. Even though I haven’t played the Talos Principle it seems like very interesting game and a total surprise coming from the people who made a game where you can fire cannonballs at headless, screaming kamikaze dudes.

    I’m more excited about Serious Sam 4. Even though I didn’t like Serious Sam 3 as much as The Second or First Encounter it was very fun.

  3. aergistal says:

    That’s great news! You can shove your Dooms and Witchers and Dark Souls, give me Talos 2 now.

  4. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Hooray! I do hope however they’re doing it because they’ve got cool ideas they want to show, not because it was successful. Gehenna felt a little bit like they were running out of ideas at times, with a number of puzzles having basically the same solution.

    (Also, can we remove the crickets please?)

    • aergistal says:

      The crickets are delicious, if Aristotle is to be trusted.

    • michelangelo says:

      I played TALOS not quite a long time ago and I LOVED it. And I still DO. About GEHENNA—I have very same feeling. Not really puzzle wise, but chemistry, that I had in original with terminals and interactivity and content quality in them was FAR better, then what was presented at GEHENNA.

      As a result I dont know, if I am excited about sequel. Would rather see something new honestly.

      PS—There is still WITNESS I didnt not touch and seems to be loved by smart people so. Saving it, when some free time appears ☻

  5. Merus says:

    Jonas Kyratzes seemed like a weird fit for Serious Sam, and for Croteam, so I’m not shocked.

    The Talos Principle is an exemplary puzzle game, not least because its puzzle mechanics seemed so pedestrian. You’re bouncing lasers around to hit a coloured receptor, how tedious. It really goes to show how much a great puzzle game is built on knowing player expectations and being able to subvert them.

    • JonasKyratzes says:

      We like Croteam so much we seriously considered moving to Croatia so we could hang out more. They are the nicest people.

    • Premium User Badge

      Don Reba says:

      Absolutely. And the writing is surprisingly smart, which is so, so rare when it comes to the subject of consciousness.

  6. Lars Westergren says:

    That’s wonderful, Talos 1 was one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played.

    • Rinox says:

      Couldn’t agree more! It’s rare to find a puzzle game that consistently entertains and puts up enough of a challenge without being frustrating or obtuse. Probably my GOTY of 2014-2015.

      And the writing was great too, of course. I found myself equally interested in the terminals as in the actual puzzle parts.

      So very happy to hear this new. :-)

  7. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    Sweet! Loved the hell out of Talos Principle, can’t wait for installment deux.

  8. Tinotoin says:

    I must use the phrase ‘rolling deep in the bants’ as much as possible this weekend – perhaps whilst doing so myself.

  9. Distec says:

    I think after blasting around in Doom for a few more days, a return to Talos Principle will be exactly what I need.

  10. Matt says:

    I’m playing road to Gehenna right now, and I just happen to be stuck on the exact puzzle shown in the article’s header image. It’s solved in the image (because you can see the robot prisoner running free) but even looking at it, I still can’t figure out how to solve it!

    • Mags says:

      You just wait till you’re trying to get some of those stars.

  11. vahnn says:


    Yep, that’s all I have to contribute.

  12. simulant says:

    Just want to say that I felt that The Talos Principal had the most gratifying ending of pretty much any game I’ve ever played… since Pong. So if you didn’t finish it, do.

    • Premium User Badge

      Don Reba says:

      The Talos Principal is a new high school manager from SEGA.

  13. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    Ah cannae wait!

  14. Llewyn says:

    I’m playing through Talos at the moment, and am puzzled by everyone else’s reaction to the writing. I find parts of it simply awful; the worldbuilding texts are largely great, but the interations with the computer are frustrating in ways that I don’t think they were intended to be; they’re presented as interactive but are essentially being a spectator in an argument where the other party has already decided how limited your contributions can be.

    If you’re going to foist this on us in the sequel, at least give us the option to quit out of any one-sided dialogue.