Rocket League Gets Xbone Cross-Platform Play Today

Have you prepared your chants and jeers for Rocket League [official site] adding cross-platform multiplayer with Xbox One today? “You’re going home in the back of a Warthog.” Things like that. “Where’s your Milo gone? (Where’s your Milo gone?)” That stuff. “Two console wars and one E3, doo-dah doo-dah!” You get the idea. And after Edinburgh echoed with Sunshine on Leith all weekend, I realise you need a song too: Baba Yetu or At Doom’s Gate? What’s sportsball without friendly territorial rivalry?

Cross-platform play between the Xbone and Steam versions will come tonight from 10pm UTC – that’s 3pm Pacific, 11pm UK time. This should hook PC up with almost 2 million potential extra players. Probably not that many regulars in reality.

“With this new addition, players can now easily include (or not include) cross-network rivals in both public and private matches, thanks to an easy-to-find toggle check box in the Options menu,” today’s announcement explains.

One unanswered question is whether it’ll support proper cross-platform parties. While Rocket League’s PC-PS4 compatibility lets players join private games together as well as encountering each other in matchmaking, they can’t all party up and join matchmaking together. If PC-Xbone did, you think they’d make a bigger deal of it. I suppose we’ll see in a few hours!

This is the first Xbox One game to support Xbone-Steam cross-platform play. Games including Killer Instinct have supported Xbone-Windows 10 play, but this simply supports the Steam version without extra faff or restrictions. Microsoft have become more open to cross-platform multiplayer recently.


  1. welverin says:

    “What’s sportsball with a friendly bit of territorial rivalry?”

    I’m guessing you meant without, because with doesn’t make sense as a question.

    • Cimeries says:

      Nah, it was definitely meant to be that way – read it as if someone’s excitedly chanting it into a microphone, and then the crowd shouts “ROCKET LEAGUE!” in perfect unison, then the whistle blows and everyone cheers like crazy.

      Also I’m glad the author is still referring to Microsoft’s console as the Xbone. Just need to popularise “Battlefone” (pronounced battle-fun) to take the piss out of EA.

  2. Edgewise says:

    “Where’s your Milo gone?”

    I thought this was a class operation.

  3. Premium User Badge

    johannsebastianbach says:

    OS X? Linux? :-(

    • Weed says:

      I sometimes use my Rocket League OS to email, surf, and occasionally write letters to the editor on some word processing program. But usually I am just in Rocket League


      I know, right? I feel like November 2015 has come and gone. They sure are taking their sweet time =(.

  4. caff says:

    I turned off cross-platform play pretty soon after realising that every time I got paired with a console player, their actions/general behaviour/attention span was much lower than the PC players.

    However, now I’m playing with solely PC players, you quite often get the ocassional idiot who starts shouting “MATE WTF U DOIN” at you via the chat interface as soon as you go 1-0 down.

    • Premium User Badge

      Topperfalkon says:

      I generally try and play with a team of friends (which makes all that easier), but I generally find the console players fine to play with. Though, I don’t think voice/text comms go over the cross-platform link, so you’re limited to communicating with canned phrases, which is a bit naff