How To Skip Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Intro Videos

If you’ve played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] yet, you’ll already know that the game has an astonishing seven unskippable intro videos before you get to the main menu. You’ll likely know it because you’ll have seen all seven of them at least three or four times while you fiddled with graphics settings to get the ludicrously bloated game to work on your rig. You’ll likely want to poke a stick in the eye of the person who decided to make them unskippable. Below we’ll save you the expense of that stick.

What a silly, silly industry. Anyway, they can all be gone with a slightly fiddly tweak. (Perhaps a kindly soul will create a patch that does this for people soon.)

Find where you installed the game, and open its ‘runtime’ directory – this’ll most likely be in your Steam directory, along the lines of:

[where Steam is installed]\steam\steamapps\common\Deus Ex Mankind Divided\runtime

In there are lots of scary-looking files with long names, but fear not! In there you want to look for the smallest .pc_binkvid file you can find. For me it was:

2028FF2033AFA91648AD7A4197C0A5D5.pc_binkvid at 169kb.

Now, this is the fiddly bit. The easiest thing to do is create two temporary directories in that \runtime dir, and paste a copy of that wee file into both. Then, follow the next few steps six times through for the following six files:

A25DE802B5F763BC2E933535CD9DC727.pc_binkvid 6.051.096
5ED546466C171E858CC5A68F29A23284.pc_binkvid 5.036.580
4A0E2951DDC2FCAAB24181DC99805D79.pc_binkvid 2.813.264
61F7622A655F804A87F7991025FADC0C.pc_binkvid 2.693.232
CA6F14742B3E9F4540E4AEA8826D4BA8.pc_binkvid 2.075.876
D6303B081E3752D30912AD69F480282D.pc_binkvid 1.500.432

1) Copy the file name from here
2) Rename the wee file in one of those temp directories with this name
3) Copy this renamed file into \runtime and say yes to replacing the existing file
4) Copy the other wee file back into the first temp directory so you can start again

It looks like a lot of faff, but it really only took me a minute. After that, when you boot the game you’ll still get the inexplicable black screen, but instead of those boring intro stings you’ll see a tiny video blip seven or so times. For me it was newscaster robolady.

It’s ugly, dirty, and hopefully a neater solution will come along soon, but it sure makes the game start more quickly.

Oh, and PS, to skip the wholly pointless launcher too, just right click on the game in your Steam library, choose Properties, then Set Launch Options in the General tab, and type in, “-nolauncher”, and it’ll boot straight to the game.

Big thanks to PC Gaming Wiki from whom we nicked this. Definitely always check out their site with new games for top tips like this. I say that so they don’t get cross.


  1. Amatyr says:

    Wait! You can’t complain about seeing the intro videos all the time when you fiddle with settings AND also complain about the launcher that lets you tweak settings without starting up the game!

    • Harlander says:

      Is complaining about the game needing a restart to implement certain settings changes allowed?

    • John Walker says:

      Yeah, but you can’t see the effect of those changes without starting the game…

      • Amatyr says:

        Sure, but I’ve tweaked things in the launcher while reading some guide suggestions and that’s a lot quicker than starting up the game to do it. The launcher’s got a better UI for setting the changes too.

      • The Sombrero Kid says:

        It’s nitpicking, but you can tweak most settings in game without a restart, you don’t even have to leave the menu, which is actually quite nice.

  2. Menthalion says:

    I think people might be more interested in being able to start up the game at all, keep it running at a good frame rate and have a semblance of control with the mouse.

    All things so common the game has a disastrous rating at Steam for an AAA game ranking 84 at Metacritic, but somehow escaped all the reviewers, including the ones at this site. Did you review it with PS4 code or played it with a controller or something ?

    • aepervius says:

      They might simply have a configuration without problem.- I have a 980, 16 gig ram, put everything on ultra except anti aliasing, and my experience is smooth. That is not meant to denigrate your experience, but just simply to indicate it could be reviewer did not see a problem.

      The most annoying thing is when in cover, quick saving , the same key is used to “continue” after loading the save and get out of cover , so when you quickload , you automatically go out of cover. And there is no way to rebind either key…

    • frymaster says:

      The game has a squillion different tuneable options and some of them go up to 11. I’m prepared to bet 0.01 pounds that many if not most of the people complaining have a thought process that goes “I can select the second-highest setting for this other game, therefore that must be equivalent in this game, and if it then runs like shit it must be the developers’ fault”

      I’m reminded of GTA4, where everyone was moaning about how badly it ran compared to the consoles while having it set to five times the draw distance…

    • Yglorba says:

      All things so common the game has a disastrous rating at Steam for an AAA game ranking 84 at Metacritic, but somehow escaped all the reviewers, including the ones at this site.

      They literally just posted a discussion of game’s performance issues.

    • Premium User Badge

      Graham Smith says:

      I reviewed it on PC. It ran fine for me, on my old mid-range machine, on ‘High’ settings. A decent framerate throughout. I also swear that the build I played did not have mouse acceleration.

      Performance is a tricky thing to judge in reviews, because I only have one (not particularly great) computer to try the game on. I could have pushed the graphics settings up to Very High or Ultra and found that it ran poorly, but that would have made sense to me given my computer specs and revealed nothing about how it would run for others. Most other reviewers are in the same position, which is why we tend to address this stuff immediately after release – and why you should never pre-order.

      • Cerulean Shaman says:

        Or preorder with the mentality that you willingly accept all consequences. I preorder heavily, I don’t buy into the whole “don’t preorder” deal as I generally decide for myself if I want to experience a game (good or bad is an opinion!) and when. Yes, sometimes I payed for stuff that isn’t quite worth what I payed for it, but if I decide to play it in that time slot and want to experience it myself (fully understanding and acknowledging the reviews it received), isn’t that my choice? Thus if I’m playing it day one anyways there’s no reason not to preorder and get the little amusing party gifts the game comes with.

        For technical issues I think I can count on one hand the times it’s stopped me from playing a game. I’m a bit more tech savy than most though and as a hobbyist I’ve always had a vastly overpriced and unnecessary rig (hey, some people do that to their cars and stuff!). In this particular case, while I don’t doubt the widespread issues, I’m playing without any myself.

        I didn’t ask for this, but I’ve also no regrets.

        • invitro says:

          Well, if you preorder “heavily”, and have a “vastly overpriced and unnecessary rig”, you’re probably rich. Rich people have different rules. The “don’t preorder” rule is generally for people who have a limited amount of discretionary income.

          Also, if your computer is “vastly overpriced and unnecessary”, I’d guess you were less tech-savvy than others, not more. Being tech-savvy implies knowing how much money new tech is worth, and how much value it has.

          • SingularityParadigm says:

            “Being tech-savvy implies knowing how much money new tech is worth, and how much value it has.”

            Value is subjective. There are plenty of PC gamers that prioritize having the absolute best rig even if it means spending 50% more on a graphics card to get only a 20% increase in performance. This does not necessarily mean that they are rich, it often just means that they prioritize their hobby in their budget and set aside money for their next hardware purchase.

        • ScubaMonster says:

          Well you yourself just said you have a ridiculously overpowered rig so of course for you optimization issues are going to be moot because you can brute force your way through the developer’s mess. And if you can afford an unnecessarily powerful rig that also means dropping money on a botched pre-order is no big deal.

          I have no doubt that you are competent with computers but I always cringe when I read someone saying they are more tech savvy than most people, especially as an explanation for why they don’t experience a technical problem. Maybe if you count the unwashed masses who don’t know anything about computers, then sure you’re more tech savvy than most. But using that line of reasoning for why you don’t have problems that other people do is fundamentally flawed. I’d say your lack of issues is based more on having a rig that can compensate for crap optimization and probably also specific games you purchase.

  3. Vitz says:

    You know what’s funny? This exact issue was present in Human Revolution. They patched in the ability to skip the intros after watching them once because people complained so much.

    It’s probably just an oversight but still, pretty stupid to fix something in one game only to unfix it in its sequel.

  4. aircool says:

    I made a joke on the Steam Forums about how the intro videos were so long, that it took me over the 2 hour time limit for a refund.

    The thread got locked for some reason… some people have a poorly optimised sense of humour :(

    • Chillicothe says:


      But yah, a launcher? We confusing solo nad multiplayer even deeper again?

  5. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    First one to say “I didn’t ask for this” gets bundled. New DE:MD article rule.

  6. mukuste says:

    Is there some kind of legal requirement for them to show all those stupid logos and to make it unskippable? Far too many games do that, and it seems like such a basic oversight.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      There’s an lEGOl requirement. Sorry. It’s usually contractual (down to the minimum amount of seconds on screen).

    • Philotic Symmetrist says:

      The dumbest part I’ve always found with unskippable logo screens is that they’re presumably some sort of attempt at advertising, but if we actually remember the companies being advertised it will be in direct association with feelings of irritation, which seems fundamentally counterproductive.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Those logos aren’t aimed at the players of the game, which makes it doubly annoying. They’re aimed at game devs who might use those tools, or want to work for those companies.

  7. The Sombrero Kid says:

    How do you skip the video of the entire e3 demo they inexplicably inserted into the game? You know the one that seemed to be gameplay footage at e3 but is infact a 10 minute cutscene?

    I’ve never seen a game so compromised by e3 before, it’s enough to make me want e3 to fuck off forever.

    • mukuste says:

      Wait. You mean they purposely inserted a 10 min prerendered sequence of quasi-gameplay into the game as a cutscene so they could claim “actual in-game footage!!” at E3?

      If so, that’s so hilariously devious you almost have to admire them for it.

      • Jay Load says:

        If true, I can think of something else to call that than “hilariously devious”.

      • Verbose Hat says:

        If he means the part I think he means, no, there’s nothing devious about it. It’s not prerendered. It’s a 5 minute cutscene. Look up the E3 demo – the bit at the start where Adam is walking through the train station talking to a woman, until there’s an explosion. It’s a cutscene in the game, and it was obviously a cutscene in the E3 demo. Some people just want a reason to complain.

      • malkav11 says:

        It is actual in-game footage (you can tell because on a PC running at anything much above minimum, in-game graphics are better than the prerender). You’re just not allowed to actually control anything other than moving the camera a couple inches in any direction.

    • TheRealHankHill says:

      Man you guys must have incredibly short attention spans. It pops up a prompt that VERY CLEARLY states, “THIS IS A 10 MINUTE VIDEO RECAP, DO YOU WANT TO PLAY IT? YES [] NO [].” So you guys clicked yes and were surprised that a 10 minute video played? Lmao.

      • Verbose Hat says:

        What guys? You’re replying to 1 guy. And I don’t think he’s talking about that bit.

    • Verbose Hat says:

      Do you mean the bit where you meet Alex in the train station? It’s literally 5 minutes, and yes, it’s a cutscene. What part of it seemed like it wasn’t a cutscene while you were watching the E3 demo? You just walk along having a conversation with someone with no dialog prompts coming up. How did you imagine the gameplay working there?

  8. pack.wolf says:

    I was really hoping there’d be a command line switch or something to turn them off entirely. I can’t even get to the menu, the game crashes about a quarter of a second into the first video.
    Then again the crash might not be related to the intros anyway. After validating the files with Steam and updating to the newest Nvidia drivers my hopes now rest on 9/5, since the DX12 patch will hopefully contain fixes as well…

  9. cbn says:

    When one is spoiled for choice but less spoiled for time, something as simple as having to sit through unskippable videos can be enough friction for me to play a different game.

  10. Lobster9 says:

    Thank you! The AMD logo alone is like someone forcibly punching their fist into the malleable putty of my brain.

  11. emotionengine says:

    Great advice, it worked great.

    Just wanted to add that instead of the file you mention I actually did this procedure with

    >32D9BE50C4186564445921C6B31C65BD.pc_binkvid at 149 Kb

    It’s just an orange haze (presumably from the Dubai sandstorm scene), so even less obtrusive than newscaster lady and not even perceptible as individual blips.