Bloodline Champions’ Spiritual Successor Battlerite Up For Early Access

Fancy a new PvP arena brawler? Battlerite [official site] may be your cup of tea. Made by Bloodline Champions developers Stunlock Studios and billed as that game’s “spiritual successor”, it’s got colorful heroes, things to shoot, and whatever “battlerites” are. That sounds like it might be fun!

Take it to the battle arena with 15 characters to square off against enemies with as Battlerite is now available to play via Steam Early Access. If you like top-down brawls with bullets flying everywhere willy-nilly and team-based combat (when your team actually cooperates with you, anyway) this might be something you want to pick up.

Stunlock are also experimenting with VR tech to implement after Battlerite’s final release, where you can use a feature called “Pinch-To-Zoom-3D” that lets you zoom in and check out the action via virtual colosseum. This means you can definitely zoom in closer to watch people shoot each other better, and it will probably be an interesting feature for anyone who, you know, likes to watch.

Pick up Battlerite via Early Access on Steam now for £13.49/17,99€/$17.99. Stunlock plan to properly launch Battlerite in 2017, by the end of March. Until then, they’ll work on things like balance tweaks, new Champions, and new arenas.


  1. Bremze says:

    This is a must play for everyone who likes competitive games even a little. WASD + mouse control scheme, no farming or grinding and matches lasting around 10 minutes scratches an itch very few other games do.

  2. tranchera says:

    It’s basically WoW arena without the restrictive grinding requirements and the need to know what 30 skills each class and spec has available to fuck you over.

    I know I’m exaggerating but I’ve never walked out of a WoW arena feeling happy about it, whether it was a win or not.

  3. Zankman says:

    Good game, I wish it success.

  4. littlestcaesar says:

    I played Bloodline Champions a ton and was actually saddened to see it wither away even though the monetizing was a bit off in it.

    So far had fun with Battlerite and can’t wait what the team comes up with. Short, intense and skill-based are just the right words for me.

    • QSpec says:

      I was a big fan of BLC. Before I throw money down on this though, what’s to stop it from effectively dying a few months after release like BLC?

      • Bremze says:

        There are more servers up in more locations than BLC ever did and there’s no crippling packet loss. It’s self published, so something like te BLC 2.0 update with medalions and traits just isn’t going to happen. Twitch is a thing now and Battlerite has already gotten a boost from famous streamers playing it.

        I’ve played BLC since beta and as paid EA, Battlerite has already had more players than I ever seen in BLC.

      • ersetzen says:

        It has been consistently place one or two in the steam topsellers for the last couple great and a reasonably large player base (beat 13k concurrent yesterday and seems to be growing).
        They are also self published this time around so a money grab is at the very least much less likely.

        This obviously not a guarantee for long time survivability but there seems to be enough of a buzz for now that playerbase might not be an issue.

  5. BebopBraunbaer says:

    This game is AWESOME

  6. mukuste says:

    BLC was fantastic, sadly ruined by Funcom through an inane F2P scheme. I wish them a lot of success with this one.

  7. Kitsunin says:

    This is grrrreat. It has just the right level of complexity to feel really exciting, while keeping that MOBA feel where mere seconds consistently make all the difference, with none of those long stretches of inactivity or waiting.

  8. DeFrank says:

    This game is fucking rad.