Exo One channels Kubrick, Dear Esther and Carl Sagan

Exo One

Whenever I post about the delightful 3D sci-fi momentum-based explorer Exo One [official site] on RPS the comments are always interested and enthusiastic. With that in mind I figured you might be interested in a video with dev commentary which digs a bit further into the game’s structure/chill-ness and developer Jay Weston’s influences – everything from Dear Esther to Carl Sagan’s novel, Contact:

I must admit that I watched the video and cursed myself for not demanding a demo build when I played it at Rezzed earlier this year. I, your Exo One correspondent, am a dumdum.

Anyway, to give you an idea of how enthused I am when it comes to this game, I paused Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self-Destruct for a full 5 minutes and 38 seconds for this video. I was on Moth Into Flame as well so this is no mean praise. These videos always seem to coincide with me listening to bands I was into as a teenager – when I posted about the Kickstarter it was Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged album.

That Kickstarter is still going, by the way. It’s in its final few days so take a peek if you’re curious – the target is AU$35,000 (just over £20,000) – as there’s a chunk more info in the campaign blurb and the FAQs!


  1. Alice O'Connor says:

    I am enjoying watching this ball.

  2. Captain Narol says:

    Balls to the wall !

    PS : The new METALLICA album is pure greatness.

  3. Premium User Badge

    colinmarc says:

    Wow, this, this seems like my jam.

    • Captain Narol says:

      Eddie Vedder approves this message. That game looks like a Pearl !

  4. KillahMate says:

    It’s hard to say just from videos how good the ball handling feels (har har), but the visual design is truly impeccable. It cannot be pecced.

  5. Turkey says:

    Ah, balls and conversation. My favorite genre.

  6. EvilMonkeyPL says:

    So, a game all like that bit in Journey with golden sand, where you ‘ski’ between ruins.

  7. Ben King says:

    In hopes of spurring someone else here to chip in I thought I’d let everyone know I gave this guy $13US. I enjoyed Tiny Wings on iOS and have a soft spot for bleak beautiful landscapes.

    • Premium User Badge

      colinmarc says:

      Backed it too! I really hope they make it.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Another one here! It’s 23AUD or roughly 17USD/13GBP/15EUR for the soundtrack tier, in case that’s anyone else’s bag, and there are some digital artwork tiers, too.

      Looks like they decided not to risk getting bogged down with physical goods until the very limited $$$ tiers, so the budget should be more effective in paying for work on the game itself. \o/

  8. klops says:

    This feels much more interesting than I ever thought. I just watched 5 mins of a ball rolling around.

  9. heretic says:

    Very very cool, think this is the game that was talked about on the Crate & Crowbar last week or before – really interested in trying this out now.

  10. Tei says:

    It looks mysterious and a joy to play and move around. I wonder if have lasting appeal (more than 30 minutes). So far, incredible good stuff.

  11. April March says:

    That’s an unbelievable grab bag of influences. OK, I’m interested.

  12. haldolium says:

    This looks fantastic, but their near-DOF-plane makes me really nauseous. Naturally my eyes want to focus the foreground, which they can’t :(

  13. 4004 says:

    So, this is like a 3D Tiny Wings, with a ball instead of a bird? The visual style is interesting

  14. muki0 says:

    Love it! Fan of exploration games, and hard sci-fi, so this tickles my fancy..