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Texts from Rezzed, Day 2

Snapshots of the day

Day 2 of EGX Rezzed 2017 is underway in That London, where Tobacco Dock [nb: I've discovered it does have a boat but still neither boat trips nor fags -ed.] is filled with games, talks, and lights for three days. We're Rezzed's official "media partner" so we've dispatched Pip, Adam, Graham, and a poorly Alec to poke around, host some talks, interview some developers, and look proud of our 'Cave of Wonders' showcase. To slack off, in other words.

Tonight they're going to the pub 'on official RPS business' and you're invited. I'm not, but you are. So to ensure they continue generating content while swanning about, I'm making them send me updates throughout their day.

At 2pm today, we'll be chatting with Eugen about Steel Division: Normandy 44. That'll be streamed on Twitch too. Pip's chat yesterday with the makers of Knights & Bikes is archived for rewatching, as is Adam's chat with Colossal Order about Cities: Skylines from earlier today.

As for the pub this evening, the official RPS Mixer is in the Captain Kidd. Go along to test if you can tell Alec from Graham from Adam. Get all three right and you'll win a furious look as you explain your pal Alice said they'll owe you a drink for your accomplishment.

Anyway! Texts.

18:02 - Pip

Pip: Question: do you get BBC adaptation of Gormenghast vibes from Little Nightmares?
Pip: Maybe it's just the grotesque chef
Alice: Yes! Swelter was my first thought
Alice: I may have chatted with Adam about this too?
Pip: YES
Pip: And then I forget that Swelter wasn't the detective in Pie in the Sky
Pip: Not technically anyway
Alice: haha
Pip: Seems like the machine I was playing on wigged out - it was doing that thing where it doesn't seem to recognise when the controller is in neutral so you couldn't really get the movement right at all
Pip: The little character kept just walking to the front of the screen and getting stuck there. My usual solution of unplugging it all and then blowing on the cartridge was hampered by locked cupboards and the onward march of technology since 1997
Alice: I once had plans to do something with controllers intentionally broken that way. Make them a constant nagging "Come on, get moving" presence you have to play with, a parental hand on your back gently but insistently pressing you on.
Pip: That sounds really interesting
Pip: Alice, I am worried that I peaked in 1997.
Pip: Did you know that Your Woman by White Town is no longer top of the charts?

17:00 - Alec

Alec: Adam and I have been asked to carry something unspecific but large to the pub later. Scared.
John: You're so dead.
Alec: Maybe it's our own crucifixes
Alice: You're buff young lads but I don't think the two of you can carry Horace yourselves.

16:38 - Alec

Alec: Filthy traitors

Alice: Are you not a super secret guest on their cast pod?
Alice: I suppose you could make yourself one.
Alec: I'm just rudely tweeting from the front row is all
Alec: God it's so hard to resist the temptation to interrupt them
Alec: All these nice quiet boys staring at them, rapt

16:12 - Pip

Pip: Alice I was playing Serial Cleaner so nonchalantly that someone thought I was just letting a demo play out!
Alice: Hah! Don't they know your techniques are honed by playing Viscera Cleanup Detail with some serious mucky pups?
Alice: Whose cleaning techniques are perhaps best described as 'incidentally-constructive vandalism'.
Pip: Also I found that Aquaman screenplay I mentioned

15:57 - Graham

Graham: If blurry camera phone shots are useful

Graham: Limited internet, sorry for not sending more useful messages
Alice: Graham delivers the branding
Alice: That backdrop is really nice

13:54 - Pip

Pip: Now lunch!

13:39 - Pip

Pip: I can tell you about the fish police

Pip: But mostly that is me ignoring what the marine police actually do and telling you about fish crimes
Pip: And then my Aquaman screenplay

13:10 - Pip

Pip: Also Exo One is like Tiny Wings in 3D so you build up momentum and swap between a ball and a Frisbee!
Alice: Ooh! I'm looking on Greenlight now. That does look nice.
Pip: If you write this into the blog can you embed the five hour version of the Tiny Wings theme from YouTube?
Alice: Haha sure

Watch on YouTube

12:47 - Pip

Pip: Look at the Flotsam art I just sent you :)

Alice: And they made a game too? That art seems plenty good enough.
Pip: I am politely waiting but the Leftfield room is so busy!
Pip: I wish you were here to do some shoving
Alice: I'm a woman of peace now, Pip. You know that. They won't let me become a nun if I'm not.
Alice: I think I'm still allowed to lift and forcefully move people, mind. It's like paladins using maces.
Pip: Bullying through mind power is still bullying

12:28 - Pip

Pip: Alice, I have a conundrum
Alice: A Countdown Conundrum or a regular one?
Pip: Do I play Paladins because I will school some fools and am super great and they are all new OR do I avoid it because they probably all played the damn beta already and will school me?
Alice: haha
Alice: How old do they look?

Alice: Oh mate no, they're bunking off school expressly to play Paladins in a basement. One of them is wearing their hat backwards.
Alice: Unless you think you can persuade them to make it a grown-up multitasking challenge - can they conduct a Skype interview and prepare a tax return at the same time?
Pip: Ooooh
Pip: Maybe they could do MY tax return.

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