Gigantic launching in July, escapes Windows 10

Gigantic header

Five-on-five third-person brawler Gigantic [official site] will launch in full on 20 July, developers Motiga have announced.

We first caught wind of the free-to-play game way back in 2014, and since then it’s been chugging along under the watchful eye of James Phinney, the lead designer of both StarCraft and Guild Wars. So far the ongoing open beta has only been available on Windows 10, but it’s now broadened its horizons onto the Arc Games platform, so you can play it before release on Windows 7 and 8 too. The final version will also be available through Steam.

As a reminder, Gigantic is a MOBA with no lanes or items. Instead it’s 5v5 brawling action, and every attack is a skill shot. Your task is to kill the other team and then destroy a giant AI-controlled monster that’s backing them up.

The trailer shows a cart load of different characters with wildly different abilities: there’s a bull wielding two staffs trying to whack people around the face, a nifty cloaked assassin with lightning daggers, and a hulking robot that can rain down rockets. In total there’s 18 heroes, with excellent names like Lord Knossos and Uncle Sven.

The animations look slick, and I really like the colourful art style. Readers who have taken part in the closed beta and commented on previous stories seem to think it’s fairly solid, so it might be worth at least trying out.

To take part in the open beta, head over to the Arc Games platform or the Windows 10 Store.


  1. Bobtree says:

    The early trailers were great, but this one is very poor. I hate the screen shaking that’s in almost every shot (the others had some, but it wasn’t constant).

    I am really looking forward to the game though.

  2. DeadlyAccurate says:

    I played the open beta this weekend. I find it’s much closer to Overwatch than HOTS. I don’t see much MOBA in it at all. It’s a solid game, though the few maps means it’s not really going to see much play by me, not over either Overwatch or Paladins. I may keep it installed, though. It makes for a nice change of pace.

    • WhiteHawke says:

      As someone who’s played it, how does progression work in this game? I’m hoping it’s like Overwatch/Smite/Battlerite and cosmetic only (and hopefully not like Battleborn or current League), but I haven’t heard anything either way.

      • DeadlyAccurate says:

        It has in-match leveling for your character but the characters don’t get permanently tougher. You can only buy skins for permanent character changes.

  3. Doomlord says:

    Lost me at “MOBA” – one of the more lame genres available on the PC. Zzzz…

    • pigy33 says:

      Good thing I’m not as ignorant as you, as I hate MOBAs and still found 1400+ hours in Battleborn which is an FPS MOBA light, and I hear from other Battleborn vets that this game isn’t just about brain-dead shooting or free ult kills like in Overwatch as one guy complained about how playing with randoms sucks because a lot of the players in the game don’t know what to do xD.

      Even though this game doesn’t seem to have as much depth as Battleborn or have PvE, I’m really excited to try it on Steam! As Battleborn is close to dead after somehow the devs failed to revive this game with F2P and this looks like the closest thing to it!

  4. ahac says:

    It still looks like there will be no cross-play between the Steam/Arc version and the Windows Store version.

    At least the Windows Store players (both of them) will have cross-play with Xbox…