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Meet Your Guardian In Gigantic's E3 Trailer

Mind their shadows

Gigantic [official site] wants to be the next big eSport, which sounds ridiculous until you discover that James Phinney, lead designer of both StarCraft and Guild Wars, is leading the team behind it. Speaking reductively, Gigantic is a MOBA without any lanes or items and with colossal creatures to fight alongside and an emphasis on third-person shooting. Every skill is a skillshot. It’s also gorgeous with some fantastic animation, as you can see in the E3 trailer.

Pip chatted with Phinney about the game back in December, so check that out if you’re after more info. The unique selling point here is the giant guardian creature that act as kind of a mobile base. You’ll need to protect it from the enemy team, but it can also charge into battle with you and put a dent in the opposing guardian’s skull. It’s a pretty fascinating idea which, when coupled with the great art style, makes for a very appealing prospect.

If you agree, you’ll want to sign up to the beta which starts in August. For that, you'll need Windows 10, which arrives on July 29th and does offer free upgrades from Win 7 and 8.1.

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