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Gigantic! Gigantic! Gigantic! Open beta hits Windows 10


You keep your Pokélads; I want a bigger monsterpal. I've had my eye on Gigantic [official site] for a while, fancying 5v5 third-person action where each team is supported by a honking great monster, and I'll be having a go this weekend thanks to the open beta that's now live. Our monsterdad can beat up your monsterdad.

As you'd expect in These Here Modern Times They've Got Now, Gigantic has a load of different characters with different abilities. Get five of them together, tell 'em another five said something about their dad, and off they go! They duff each other up, try to control key points in the map, and ultimately want to beat up the other team's big AI-controller monster. Something like that? I get distracted by the huge monsters.

The open beta will be a long one, with developers Motiga adding new characters and monsters and whatnot over time. Because reasons, the beta is only on the Windows 10 Store though the full game will launch elesewhere and on Old Windows once it's done. Gigantic be free-to-play, selling the usual MOBA-ish things.

Here, this trailer is flash and thunder about the beta:

Or, more useful is this old gameplay video from back in January. Obviously a fair bit could have changed but hey, 's better than that.

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