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Monster Throwdown: Gigantic Lands Publisher

Colossal monster pals



GIGANTIC [official site]


Which is good news because I'm into the idea of a 5v5 multiplayer game where each team charges into battle accompanied by a hundred-foot monster.

Gigantic, to briefly recap, is a third-person class-based shooter and not a MOBA, okay - no lanes, no towers, no creep waves, not a MOBA, okay. Each team is joined on the battlefield by a colossal Guardian, and their objective is to destroy the enemy's Guardian. Characters level up and gain new abilities during rounds but no, it's not a MOBA - seriously, you've got to let this go. Maybe you read Pip's interview with Gigantic creative director James Phinney, who you might remember as co-creator and designer of StarCraft and former lead designer of Guild Wars.

What's new here is that F2P publishers Perfect World Entertainment have made friends with Gigantic, seemingly saving it from financial troubles. Developers Motiga announced a "significant" round of "temporary" layoffs in February, leaving Gigantic's future uncertain while they tried to secure funding. Welp, now Gigantic is sitting pretty enough that Motiga are planning a regular Windows version in addition to Windows 10, which sounds good.

Here's a Gigantic trailer from a few months ago, a condensed six-minute version of one match. This is the first actual gameplay I've seen, and while it's not quite the all-out monster rumble I'd hoped for I am still up for this:



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