Warframe: Chains of Harrow update brings Earth makeover today


Remember how a dark priest is due to show up in Warframe [official site] this week? Apparently that’s happening today and it brings with it a graphical overhaul of Earth. There are also some more details of the Chains of Harrow questline – I’ll plonk them after the jump in case people are concerned about spoilers!

With Chains of Harrow, Warframe players (AKA Tenno) will descend into a haunting new quest resembling a horror film. In response to a disturbing transmission from Palladino, the Red Veil Clan’s spiritual medium, Tenno are compelled to investigate a dark, mysteriously abandoned Steel Meridian spacecraft found adrift. Inside the vessel, lights flicker and emergency lights strobe, revealing bodies of dead crew members. All is quiet except for whispers heard echoing throughout the lifeless craft. What does it all mean? Players must uncover the terrifying reality of what happened onboard, how the Red Veil might play a part in it, and more.

Harrow himself is a team buff-y, shieldy support warframe which you can see in action here:

And here’s a short snippet to show the before and after of Earth’s makeover. It does look better but it also looks like the wind has really picked up. I assume the wafting of flowers and banners it so showcase movement and detail but it does look like a selective hurricane is now blowing on key setpieces.

Y’know, I was never particularly taken with Warframe on PC – it did that thing of making me feel travel sick if I played it for longer periods of time and I don’t really like that kind of thing on keyboard and mouse. I’d forgotten it was out on PS4 though so I might see whether a change of platform opens it up to me, especially in the period between Destiny games.

I’ll add that this sentiment is mostly brought to you because I read the description of the Knell pistol and I want to try that out: “Ring the death knell. Every headshot from this scoped pistol increases Critical Chance for a short period.”

I’ve just checked and it sounds like the update was going out at 11am for EU but later in the day for the US. I’ve been poking around on the forums and subreddit and it doesn’t look like anyone there is talking about playing it yet though.


  1. Blackcompany says:

    An abusive business model with multi layered RNG grind that long ago crossed the threshold of actively punishing players for playing not paying, whose devs have no intention of or interest in ever adding new game play (choosing instead to recycle the same horde defense mode garbage forever) and no idea how to balance their game, where mid and late game enemies are spongy, annoying, aim bot one shot killers to compensate for players so unintentionally powerful bosses are forced to rely on godawful Invulnerable phases to artificially prolong fights.

    Shame, cause the moment to moment game play is damned fine, with crisp animations, flowing movement and excellent sound work.

    Be nice to see the game handed to real game devs, as opposed to the kids who ran away in protest over such workplace horrors as balance, stability, reasonable pricing and a release schedule.

    • nearly says:

      I have to disagree with a lot of this. It reads like someone who played the game once a few years ago and then just moved on without ever checking in.

      Part of the community is up in arms right now due to controversy regarding datamining and issues with published drop rates, but I’d hardly say they have an abusive business model. Platinum can speed up a lot of processes (from building weapons to just buying weapons and frames outright) but there are numerous ways to earn/trade for that premium currency in-game without spending actual money (and you should never spend actual money unless you have a serious discount). It’s honestly one of the easiest F2P games for playing without spending, and actively gives you more stuff to do if you’re not just buying your way through a lot of the justification for even doing content.

      As you point out, the moment to moment gameplay is solid: that’s the game. If you don’t like that, there’s no reason to play it. One of the things it does well is give you reasons to keep playing it and things to work toward as you spend time playing, which translates to farming for those who fixate on the end-goal rather than actually enjoying the gameplay. When I feel that way, my magic solution is to just stop playing if I feel like I’m not having fun. It’s a free game that I’ve spent much less on than other games and played quite a bit more. It’s not the end of the world to just play something else until it’s fun to come back to–or just not come back. There are people that just endlessly create new accounts because they enjoy earning and building stuff, and there are people who get sick of it and don’t play their one account. There’s nothing wrong with either of those–play it if you find it fun, stop playing if you don’t.

      You’re also being incredibly disingenuous if you’re saying it’s all defense mode because there are a number of different objective types and multiple game-modes. Although Archwing isn’t necessarily popular and isn’t without its issues, it’s a completely different game-type pretty distinct from the rest of the game, and they added a jai-alai style game mode last summer. They are very solid on content updates, frequent bug fixes (on PC–they tend to keep consoles a couple updates behind so they can catch most of the bugs and deliver something that doesn’t need to be updated as much), and the game has come a looong way over the years. It is significantly better than it was when I played it two or three years ago, hated it, and didn’t try it again until last year.

      We’re in the comments section for an article about an update that does one of their first major overhauls of the early environments (they’ve overhauled almost every mechanic over the past few years) with later planets/environments to follow, and which is releasing the eighth new frame (or more or less depending on how you count reworks) in a year. They’ve updated regularly throughout, and have been hinting at a few big things that are in the pipeline to be revealed at TennoCon soon. This is a game that’s being updated pretty constantly, so I’m not sure where your “release schedule” complaint is coming from.

      There are entirely qualified issues with endgame, drop rates, the amount of grind they figure in to some new content (but not all–Octavia was a heavy grind for a new frame but Titania was pretty painless), but you’re wildly exaggerating if you’re claiming it “actively punishes players for playing.” The only things that can’t be earned through gameplay are cosmetics which can be bought with premium currency which in turn can be earned through pretty typical and easy gameplay (although they’ve been adding some workshop content for real money only, I assume in order to be able to pay the creators).

      They’re also one of the only dev studios I know of that holds regular devstreams to interact with the community, field questions, show off upcoming content, etc., and have regular streams of people playing on every system it’s available on. I don’t know what you think they did to “abuse” you, but it’s going to be alright. They can’t hurt you.

      All in all, Warframe has its issues and isn’t for everyone, but at least try to be honest and accurate about it. It’s not a game I currently have much interest in actually playing at the moment but I’d hardly say it abused my time or money. It’s interesting to see you constantly in the comments about the game complaining about stuff and calling people “white knights” for having anything positive to say about the game. Seriously, what is it that you think the game/developers did to you?

    • Zemosu says:

      Wow you actually have no idea what you’re talking about. The empty barrels make the loudest noise. Reffering to 25 Blackcompany.

  2. Liverslices says:

    What Blackcompany says is unfortunately true. On zoomed in, gun ‘n’ sword gameplay Warframe is fun can be customized a good bit. However, the game is full of hurdles that you have to deal with. As Blackcompany said, there are a lot of frustrating gameplay mechanics that you have to either avoid entirely or learn to cheese your way around.

    That being said, some people enjoy this. I have been playing for 4 years, and sometimes it is fun to figure out how to fight lvl 9999 enemies that kill you before you see them bring their gun up. Other times it is finding out the fastest or most efficient way to get materials or loot. All of this comes with experience and can be fun to figure out, but it is definitely not an excuse for the flaws that Warframe has.

    The biggest draw in my opinion is customization. There are lots of different weapons, and for the most part they are all unique (although very vew are good enough to use through the whole game). Color customization is fantastic, and everything can be bright pink or green and purple if you want. However, the massive amount of skins, cosmetic armor, and capes are locked behind Platinum, the premium currency. Those with disposable incomes and a tolerance for microtransactions wont find it too bad, but if you don’t want to spend money you will definitely feel left out of “fashionframe.”

    In the end, Warframe is worth a try. It has solid gun ‘n’ sword gameplay early on, which transitions into late game with gun ‘n’ sword ‘n’ space-magic. DE prides itself on everything in game being availible without paying, which is true (but you will have to wait and grind more).

  3. BaronKreight says:

    Say what u will but it is one of the most played games on steam after all these years. Until Destiny 2 arrives on PC I don’t know any other sci-fi gear based PVE shooters. You know any? Theres Borderlands but it’s kinda a different story. It’s more of a comic book than sci-fi.
    oh and add console players to that steam playerbase and ull get quite popular f2p game

  4. Azrell says:

    Having played the game in beta, then coming back several times to check in i can confirm that everything outside of the actual gunplay is a cluster***k of pay to win. You can buy any crafting matt, that alone makes the game pay to win.

    I liked the game play, but im not going to pay the same level over and over for the chance that a boss will drop 1/100th of what i need to craft a weapon. Its a 3rd person shooter with arpg style grind. The confusing crafting system and multiple in game currencies remind me of every other mmo that has reached its maximum player base and turned to sucking real money from its players until the game eventually dies off.

    here is a simple test: can you craft a new weapon or armor without having to navigate through more than 5 menus? and can a brand new player learn how to do it without having to google it or seek help from other players? and finally can you use real money to buy to new tenno when they come out skipping any reason to play any new content?

    I like the game, i really did. but its a grindfest where the dev only turn out new things for you to buy and rarely if ever drop new content for you to play. that is what i saw last time i logged in, and i haven’t seen anything to change my mind since. Its a good game that has been turned into a money printing machine. its on the way out.