The Escapists 2 will tunnel into August

The Escapists 2

The Escapists 2 [official site], the sequel to prison escape RPG The Escapists, will bust out of its shackles on 22nd August, publishers Team 17 have announced. The first was a silly, fun little game in which you tried to cut your holiday at Her Majesty’s pleasure short by digging tunnels, cutting wire fences – you know, the usual stuff you’d think of and never get away with in real life.

The sequel is basically that on steroids, judging by its latest trailer. You can grab onto helicopters passing over the prison, tame a dog to fetch important keys, and…er…break dance. Oh, And blast into space. Why not?

If you haven’t played the first one (this one will be along the same lines), it was a sandbox game in which you gradually tool up for your escape and deal with day-to-day prison life. You could keep your head down or you could start brawls, whack guards and steal their clothes, and team up with other inmates.

It’s all pretty light-hearted. Some of the jokes in the trailer are too obvious (inmates in the showers saying “I’m cold, alright!”) but in general I thought the first was pretty amusing.

The Escapists 2 is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam for £19.99/19.99€/$19.99 (I’m not entirely sure how that conversion works, but there you go).

Along with the trailer, Team 17 have released a tool for designing your own prison inmate. You can find it here. Here’s my guy. He looks mean.

Escapists 2 Avatar

So, are you excited for it?


  1. poliovaccine says:

    I’m into it, though not as much as I might be if Prison Architect never happened. Sometimes the original’s systems could be a little opaque, requiring the kind of guesswork that isnt really fun. But really the main thing is just that even the first Escapists feels a little moot in the shadow of Prison Architect, since for my money PA does the prison break simulation better than The Escapists, and that’s just one of several game modes. The simulation is deeper and more intuitive, but that doesnt mean I dislike The Escapists and never play it anymore. I just hope the sequel can distinguish itself somehow. In the meantime, though, it’s Prison Architect that lets me reconstruct my block of Rikers Island and then test it firsthand just to prove to myself again and again that, yeah, I really couldnt have escaped real jail if my life depended on it. Still, just obsessively trying is too much fun. Maybe that’s me being insitutionalized, ho hum.

    The Escapists really could be improved a lot just by modding, actually. It does a lot of stuff right, like putting RFD tags in the guards’ clothes so that walking out the door isnt just as simple as getting a job on laundry duty. But then you have stuff like huge blind spots in the fence where you can just cut a hole and go through. I’d have liked it more if you had to create a blind spot with a distraction or something. Also, the missions to constantly shank each other are a little uncreative, and anyway, people do tend to adopt a *liiittle* more of a “we’re all in this thing together” kind of approach – at least within certain parameters. I mean then again I was a drug offender, I was never in maximum security anything. Maybe there they really do shank each other all day over tubes of toothpaste. Oh btw the toothbrush shanks are another oversight – in reality they give you these short, flimsy toothbrushes you couldnt stab a jello with, and youve gotta use your finger to give them a backbone and ram your finger way down your neck when you brush. Dudes gagging left and right, accidentally swallowing toothpaste… that’s the dehumanization I’m talkin about!

    Btw… it took me humiliatingly long to realize the guards’ speeches every morning are randomized haha. And in the game!

    • bob22 says:

      You don’t often hear the perspective of the would-be prison-breaker in these discussions, so excellent contribution! :)

  2. Shirsh says:

    Ok, I stopped playing first one after Escapists quit early access without getting an extra “final polish”, I might be wrong but it felt like “we just tired fiddling with it, let’s call it enough already”, things that was tolerable before because “it’s early access, they sure will not keep it so obscure and clunky, interface will be better, it won’t be a struggle to click anyone running around”, but everything was preserved. When you escape prison nothing satisfying happens, just “choose next prison” (I mean, lots of boring grind, planning, and it’s just a moment of nothing). And paid prisons-maps, one by one, as if it’s free2play =/
    But I’ll buy this one anyway >_<

  3. caff says:

    I loved the first one but on a big monitor, the resolution of the pixel art was so low res it seriously hurt my eyes trying to play it. It’s a great idea/game though so hoping this will be better.

  4. wodin says:

    Would like a Colditz version or say different Stalags going up in difficulty to Colditz