Titanfall 2 adding cooperative wave survival mode

A four-player cooperative wave survival mode is coming free to Titanfall 2 [official site] next week. ‘Frontier Defense’ mode will have players defending a doodad as enemies flood in, buying helpful gadgets as you go. New maps for other modes are coming too.

The developers have also announced that the game’s active player count is still growing, eight months after launch. That’s pretty great. It’s almost as if players like games which get bigger and better over time with free updates, rather than ones which divide and drain players with a swarm of paid DLC. Who would’ve guessed, eh?

Frontier Defense mode will send waves of enemies — including some new ones — to smash your harvester, a doodad which harvests and is vital because reasons. Pilots will earn imaginary coins to buy handy items like batteries and traps between rounds, and the mode will introduce a new progression track with titan upgrades.

Here, it looks a bit like this:

The ‘Operation Frontier Shield’ update will also bring a new map for the one-minute Live Fire mode, plus an updated version of the map Rise from the first Titanfall.

Another free trial weekend is coming on July 28th too. It’ll pack the tutorial, one singleplayer mission, and full multiplayer.

Following up on June’s news that Titanfall 2 had over one million active users per month, this month’s announcement says that’s still going up:

“We’re thrilled to update that since the last DLC drop we’ve seen player counts continue to grow month over month which is great to see at this point since release. It’s amazing to see lots of players still engaged with Titanfall 2 and new players coming in all the time. Thank you for the support!”

Respawn have added new maps, modes, and other bits and pieces for free. The first game’s player base was cut up by several paid DLC map packs, so this is great. Titanfall 2 is surely also helped by having a (jolly good fun) singleplayer campaign but I’m glad to see that this multiplayer plan seems a success. Electronic Arts are continuing this plan in Star Wars Battlefront II, another sequel to a game split by DLC. I do hope that this idea continues to grow and spread among the big publishers who’ve traditionally gone wild with DLC.


  1. Flopper says:

    When I love on at 3am on my day off there are 1,350 players online. >.>

  2. Harlander says:

    The enemy are buying helpful gadgets as they flood in?

  3. Eightball says:

    Sweet, I loved Frontier Defense from the first one and I’m too old and slow for the MP in the second. Now to see if I still have it installed…

  4. Sic says:

    I wonder how popular Titanfall 2 had been if EA had come to their senses, and released it via Steam.

    It’s perfectly fine to want your own horrible little store, but it’s bloody ludicrous to expect everyone to use it.

      • Sic says:

        No doubt, but when you’re releasing a primarily MP game (without a proper marketing budget, unlike, say, BF1) that lives or dies on player base, then you eat whatever cost per unit it entails getting it out there.

    • Slazia says:

      I think the EA logo serves as a warning flag for a lot of gamers. I would be interested if it weren’t for that.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    TF2 was a mess on release so I dropped it until recently. It still has a few niggles but is really much better. I’ve completely dropped BF1 for it. (i usually put in many hundreds of hours into BF but BF1 I’ve hit 100 and just can’t bring myself to play any more)

    • jman420 says:

      I never understood, as an oldschool gamer, the DLC policies at EA. I mean, this game came out last year, and after what, 9 months they release a new MP mode? Whats the point? After 9 months most people have probably migrated away from it.
      BF1…man…its pretty. But its not that much fun to play. I’m a hardcore BF guy and have been since the beginning, literally. But I have found myself playing BF4 way more recently than bf1…sadly

      • Kollega says:

        Theoretically, when you think about it, releasing buddy-oriented co-op mode might be surprisingly prudent if the playerbase isn’t big enough to sustain matchmaking-based PvP…

        *is wholly ignorant of how easy or hard it is to find a match in Titanfall 2 these days*

        • OmNomNom says:

          I’d heard that the population wasn’t as high as people hoped but so far I haven’t had to wait more than 30 seconds to find a match. Usually its almost instant

      • OmNomNom says:

        Yeah I ended up going back to BF4 too, shame the pops there have dropped – just not enough variety left in the servers. After a few years of patches BF4 is a very well rounded game… apart from the maps :/

        At least in future EA/DICE games the DLC are going to be free and not the traditional pay mess. This is the case with Battlefront 2 and I hear it will be for future BF games too so we’ll get less playerbase fragmentation.

    • Premium User Badge

      Gnarl says:

      I thought Team Fortress 2 was pretty good on release, but I prefer it now.

  6. Kollega says:

    Given how I couldn’t afford Titanfall 2 just for the SP campaign, how I vowed that I would buy Titanfall 3 if it had co-op missions, and how I already have two buddies to play with… I suspect I may be one of those new players coming in. Does anyone know if the game will have any sort of discount to celebrate this update?

    • Sic says:

      I hope so, I’m one of the guys that might bite this time around as well.

    • sp0q says:

      I believe it’s on sale now – in Poland at least, but I always thought the Origin sales to be global. And it was supposed to get into the Access program so maybe look into that too.

    • emotionengine says:

      It’s heavily discounted right now on Origin.

      • Sic says:


        Quick question: Is there any other way to get the two Deluxe bots other than buy the deluxe version? The cosmetics aren’t interesting to me, but I’d rather have all the titans.

        • Kollega says:

          I may not be the one who was asked, but; right before commenting now, I asked one of my prospective co-op buddies about the Deluxe Edition Titans, and he said that “Ion Prime” and “Scorch Prime” are cosmetic variations too. They’re not mechanically different from the “standard” versions of these Titans. But I don’t know what precisely do you mean here – maybe you still want those.

          • Sic says:


            Managed to google myself to the same conclusion on my own.

            I’m definitively getting the standard edition later tonight.

    • Kollega says:

      Noticed myself that the game is on sale, but thanks anyway, guys! Definitely getting it now…