Gotta go slower: Sonic Mania delayed on PC

Hogamaniacs might scream “Gotta go fast!” while slamming chili dogs and practising roly-polies, but sometimes a ‘hog has gotta go slow. Platforming remix-o-rama Sonic Mania [official site] is delayed once again, though this time only the PC release is affected. Sonic’s retro adventure is due out on Tuesday but, alas, the PC version is now delayed to August 29th. Mate, given how many modern Sonic games are rubbo, I do not mind waiting another fortnight for one which looks like it might be pretty decent.

Sonic Mania riffs on stages from classic Sonics from back in the day, revisiting and remixing some levels as well as adding new creations of its own. It also has a new and improved split-screen competitive mode. It’s made by real Sonic fans too, folks who cut their teeth on fan games.

The game was originally due in spring but ended up delayed to summer before getting a release date of August 15th. Now, on we go. A friend of Sonic’s tweeted the bad news today:

“In Sonic Mania, quality and attention to detail are some of the most important things for our team. We accept nothing but the best for Sonic Mania, and that’s why we want to spend a little more time to polish the PC version of the game’s release, which we plan to complete by August 29th.”

Well alrighty then.

Folks who pre-ordered are being given Sonic 1 on Steam in apology, or a spare gift copy if they already have it.

Sonic Mania will cost £14.99/19,99€/$19.99.


  1. Velthaertirden says:

    Not remixed enough. They should have done something like this

  2. vahnn says:

    I somehow forgot about this. If reviews are better than Total Crap, I’ll be picking it up.

    • StrawHat says:

      “If the reviews are better than Total Crap…”
      Lmao, dude… c’mon. Christain… WHITEHEAD.
      You really think he was about to make a bad game…?

  3. tomeunbound says:

    I was looking forward to this game coming out tomorrow. I worked the morning shift at my job today. Soon I have to also work my first overnight. Looking forward to jumping into this game after a bit over fifteen hours in less than twenty-four hours is what was keeping me going.
    I am deeply upset about a delay on top of a delay. I don’t have a mini fortune to spend on a modern gaming system, and now have to wait an extra two weeks to play a game that others with a modern gaming system can enjoy before me.
    I was planning on starting a Youtube gaming channel career on the hype of the release of this game. Now I can’t, and I have to try to avoid spoilers of those who can play the game right away. I also already have Sonic 1 and have no friends on Steam to give a free code to.
    While there’s nothing I can do about this news, I am still very upset about it all, and all those involved with this game are shooting themselves in the foot with this move.

    • Ryuuhei says:

      Tell me about it. I had a perfect free time I could use for playing Sonic Mania. This delay is just unpleasant, however it’s not so long in the end. We could get this game in the autumn, than just waiting two weeks. Hope the waiting will be worth. Gotta avoid spoilers now, YouTube is somehow full of it.

    • Jeffery Mass says:

      Hey, I’m on the same boat with you. I haven’t been this excited for a game in forever, being busy with work and life, and also having non of the current gen consoles, I was pretty dismayed to hear the news so close to the release date we’ve all been clamouring for. It’s a little disappointing, yes, and trying to avoid spoilers for the two weeks ahead is not gonna be a walk in the park.

      However, I don’t think they “shot themselves in the foot” with this delay at all. In fact, quite the opposite. Just look at how the PC community reacts to poorly optimized buggy games, regardless of their critical reception (and rightfully so.) A less than optimal game would’ve been blasted to hell and back by not only Steam reviews, but PC game reviewers and enthusiasts all the same. It’s quite smart and mature of them to go through with a delay like this, considering it IS Sega we’re talking about.

      So, with an incredibly promising game that’s staring off with the major disadvantage of coming straight after the trash pile that is Sonic Boom, it wouldn’t be too good for them to release a game plauged with crashes, slow down, or whatever they’re optimizing and ironing out.

      So yes, getting the game would’ve been absluotely fantastic. But, we only have about 12 days left to go, and if the game really is as good as all the preview content leads me to believe, it will all be worth it in the end.