Slidekick through Quake with Qore

My wishlist for first-person shooters is simple:

  • A pump-action shotgun
  • A revolver that’s longer than my forearm and chunkier than a fridge
  • A slow but deadly and ch-chank-chik bolt-action rifle
  • Skillful movement
  • A grappling hook
  • A slide move (ideally with a kick)

Well, campers, I’m delighted to see that last one in Quake with new mod Qore [official site]. It’s still early days for Qore, which is trying to bring Brutal Doom-style over-the-top megamurder to Quake, but the point is: I slidekicked soldiers and demons in Quake this morning and I’m delighted.

As you’d expect from a mod inspired by Brutal Doom and bearing a name like Qore, it’s heavy on the gore. Expect gibs aplenty, with unique gibs for monsters, dismemberment, more gib sounds, a gibby chainsaw, new death animations, showers of blood painting everything in sight, and all that. I’m not that excited by gore so I couldn’t tell you how this stands up to other gorefests (some of which I know also have kicks).

I can tell you that it has a slide, a kick, and a combination of the two. I’m here for the slidekick. Whack the key and you’ll quickly slide forward a few metres. Connect with an enemy and your mighty foot will jut out to boot ’em, potentially stunning them. You slide, you kick. Slidekick.

It’s no F.E.A.R. slidekick but hell, what is? I enjoyed half an hour of slidekicking through levels I know upside-down and inside-out and you might too.

You can download TheKillingJoke’s Qore from ModDB. You’ll need Quake and the Darkplaces engine overhaul to play.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    How does one pronounce ‘Qore’? Core? Kw-ore? Gore? It’s not a good name is my point.

    That said, neat! I enjoyed playing through Doom again in Brutal Doom, just for the faster pace and absurdity of it all, along with proper WASD and mouselook.

    So maybe something similar for Quake would be fun too, even if it already had the mouselook down. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

  2. Petethegoat says:

    That is a very good list of things, Alice. Maybe the best list of things.

  3. Mungrul says:

    Ye gods, you’ve just reminded me how awesome Fear’s deathmatch mode was, where people who weren’t me hadn’t figured out that you moved significantly faster when wielding just the knife.
    And melee was a one-hit kill :D
    I got accused of hacking many a time playing that, it were GREAT.

  4. Darth Gangrel says:

    I had a really fun time slide kicking enemies in the first Fear. That and the slow-motion mechanic were the most fun parts. I had God mode on (like I always have in these games, if possible) and it was so fun to recklessly run at the enemy and then slide kick them. I don’t remember other games having slide kicking as a feature, but I’m a bit “behind schedule”, so to speak.

  5. April March says:

    Unfortunately, if Doom (2016) taught me anything it was that if you give me an option to kick monsters I’ll use it to the exclusion of everything else.