Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds adds more ugly clothes

Two new crates of clothing items have arrived in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, one of them paid and one free. I am told they are inspired by 70s and 80s fashion. The odds are still that the crates will give you hideous clothing, just terrible, real awful looks, but at least there’s no chance of the game casually handing you one which requires buying a key to open it. The new paid crate is not thrown into the regular reward pool, see, so you’ll only get one if you want it. Today’s update also includes a few changes meant to improve performance, though it’s not clear how effective they are.

The most notable of the performance-oriented changes is that you can no longer see players inside the plane. The door remains closed and, so you know how many people are left to drop, the UI now has a little diagram showing which seats are occupied. This change is meant to improve performance for both clients and the servers in the early game.

Some breakable fences on the Miramar map have been replaced with unbreakable fences or walls, also in the name of improving performance, so do check before ramming into anything you remember as breakable.

How much do these changes improve things? Dunno. I wouldn’t expect massive improvements. Some players are actually reporting their framerate has noticeably worsened with this update, though others say theirs is the same and… such is the magic of Internet self-reporting and the wonders of the myriad conceivable computer configurations.

As for the new shinies, they come in the Militia and Fever crates. The Militia crate is free to open, and dropped into the pool of potential reward crates. You’ve got a 40% chance of receiving a Fever crate when you hand over Plunkbucks for a crate. The Fever crate is an entirely separate option in the menu, and must both be bought with Plunkbucks then unlocked with a key which costs $2.50.

I opened a load of Fever crates on the test server (which gave some free keys for testing purposes) and mostly received unpleasant white turtlenecks, which certainly convinced me not to spend any money on them. There are some nice sunglases and a few colourful odds and ends in there, but the odds of getting anything good are low. The chances of getting each item are listed in the patch notes. Though if you do get something rare enough, you will be able to swap it for a solid gold yacht so who the hell knows.

In March, the developers plan to lay out their update plans for the months ahead, which include a new map. Fingers crossed it has fog because I do miss that Erangel variant, which the devs removed (along with the rainy one) when the game left early access. I realise those weren’t popular with everyone, but a map select option is coming so curmudgeons could leave us to stumble gaily through the mist.


  1. doodler says:

    I get mildly upset everytime I log onto the test server and see the $270 black skirt that is unsellable lol

    I’ve still made about $90 from the game so far just from the boxes and knick knacks so I can only complain so much. If only 80% my games didn’t end to hackers these days that could have continued

  2. PanoramiX says:

    I wanna start saying that i love this website and what you do guys (and girls), but boy how i hate all the reviews you write about pubg. I play this game since it was released in early access, and for some reason you dont even give the slight mention about the huge issue with cheating in the game, something all the players are talking about, and whats killing the game.
    Simply put, all of your reviews of this game are terrible, the fact that you arent capable of mentioning the cheats problem just trows out of the windows any review you make about this game. Keep talking about the clothes they add, like if anybody cares.

    • Tim the Corsair says:

      I don’t think you understand what the word review means. This is a news article about an update to a popular game – they aren’t going to go in depth about a pervasive cheating problem in a news article about a crate and FPS update.

      • doodler says:

        It isn’t about this not being a review.

        This is an article about a patch to a game with a pervasive cheating problem that the last patch supposedly made progress on. This article doesn’t have the word cheat in it once. The game has lost 10% of it’s player base in the last month and half of the remainder are likely hackers farming boxes. I would like them to write an article dedicated to talking about the pervasive cheating problem and how Bluehole refuses to outright region lock china but will surreptitiously do it with ping capping but I would settle for them to mention that the last patch has done little to nothing about the issue and/or the minor things they’ve done to improve the reporting system in this patch in this article.

        • NuclearSword says:

          “It isn’t about this not being a review”

          So what is it about, then? That they’re writing a news story about new content being added to a game, while you want a hit piece on why it sucks and you hate it? Oh, well that’s no problem – the only this needs then is to be a completely different article and you’ll be fine with it?

          Get a hold of yourself, mate. They’re not obligated to write the stories you personally want to see, nor is this article obligated to suddenly become what you want it to be between your clicking on it and the page loading… surely, you’re aware of this basic truth, yes? ;)

          • doodler says:

            I didn’t realize that I hated the game, thanks for that insight. I hate the cheaters that are ruining the game. This “article” is glorified patch notes. Sorry if I expected something from them about the actual issues this patch and the last patch supposedly address.

            That isn’t a hit piece, its a news article. I would hope that RPS would care what their regular readers want to read and maybe take suggestions for future articles and content, surely you’re aware of this basic truth, yes?

          • Retne says:

            I didn’t realize “half of the remainder are likely hackers farming boxes.” either.
            See, more than one person can (and did) make ad absurdum leaps of faith because of their experience. One of these leaps may have been more knowing than the other…

            As for the article: I am a fairly new player and find this type of article interesting. Before I played the game I thought that there seemed to be a high number of articles about this game, but that’s fine; there’s a lot of articles generally, RPS needs to survive (I speak as someone whose RPS subscription has lapsed) and I can simply not click on articles in which I have no interest.

            For the cheating issues itself: it’s hardly like Bluehole Studio are unaware of the problem given how many times they’re referenced it. They are still adding new features, but there may well be a limit of the number of people who can sensibly work on the cheating issues without risking making things worse, so while highlighting the problem is certainly valid and in fact a good way to give them a scale of the problem (report all suspicious deaths, people!) we do know Bluehole are working on that. People leaving the game is bad for them as a business as well as us as players.

        • Beefenstein says:

          Your comments do have the word ‘cheating’ in and, because you think that is so important, I surely hope the huge amount of effort you put in reduces the amount of hacking which you so sorely deplore.

    • vahnn says:

      I still have a hard time believing cheating is as prevalent as the screaming masses claim. Besides a single instance of a squad speed hacking in a UAZ and able to drive through buildings (but still run over players) with incredible speed and agility, back in summer last year, I’ve only had maybe a dozen cases where I even suspected a cheater.

      Half of those occurred since the introduction of the deathcam and replay features, and upon watching from their perspective, they were obviously not cheating.

      If there’s any kind of skill- or rank-based matching, perhaps most cheaters don’t make it to the higher rankings (I’m generally top 2-5% in Overall, Win, and Kill ratings in NA. Seriously not bragging,) or maybe the cheaters only play TPP, so I never see them since I exclusively play FPP.

      Whatever the case may be, I believe I have legitimately only encountered a single hacker in over 500 hours played.

      • DeGuzzie says:

        I just wanted to jump on and second Civilian’s observations in terms of cheaters. I can count on one hand the cheaters I have encountered in PUBG with two hundred hours of playtime. I will clarify that I also exclusively play on FPP. I have encountered less cheaters in this game than I have in all iterations of Counter-Strike. In FPP it can be pretty obvious when someone is cheating and I believe that most people that play PUBG are honest players. Cheaters are in every video game that has and will ever exist. Especially games that offer even mild monetary incentives. (I.e. The crate system in PUBG. Best prime example WoW.)

        There is an article floating around somewhere that Bluehole has banned a fairly large number of accounts due to cheating world wide. I don’t want to give the number because I’d be guessing, but it was a large number. Either way though Bluehole is acting on their word to try and subdue the numbers of cheaters. No way they can get every last one though. What’s the ratio of Players to Devs? How do they choose to improve and add content versus dealing with other issues (Networking, servers, bugs, and cheaters)?

        I will say though, and this is just an observation and not directed at Civilian, judging from the anger that comes from players of a lot of different games I would hate to be a part of a Dev team. To do all that work and only to have a mass of people never mention anything good, only shoving the problems in their face and berating them can only be frustrating.

        Feels bad man.

  3. pblogic says:

    I have to agree that these updates are largely pointless and boring. There are moments when I really like RPS, and then there’s a lot of non content like this. It would be nice to see a greater depth to the writing. I can do without the glorified patch notes.

    • Beefenstein says:

      I am not sure there’s much depth to write about some new crates dawg.

    • Ghostwise says:

      My suggestion would be not to read the articles you’re not interested in.

      • Sandepande says:

        Obviously if RPS didn’t waste time on articles that didn’t interest me, we’d all be better off.

  4. Dandadandan says:

    Patch gave me the worst FPS stuttering I’ve ever seen, made the game totally unplayable but found a workaround – disable replays and deathcams if you have the stutter issue after the last patch.

    • Retne says:

      Yeah, I just tried a game and have issues too, where I didn’t before now.
      I am running a fairly (very) old rig though: a GeForce 670 with i5 3570K (I do have a reasonable SSD and 32GB of RAM, so I’m guessing it’s most likely the first that’s the issue).
      I did wonder if it’s older rigs that are affected more?

      EDIT: Forgot to say thank you for the suggestion, Dandadandan

      • Retne says:

        And 2nd update – the frame rate is now back up to normal. I ended up not having to disable things. Which is odd, but welcome. Temporary glitch on my system perhaps? It’s just odd that this hasn’t happened before.

      • Eli7vh says:

        “Hnnnn my framerate sucks… This game is BAD”

        Words of every douche running a high end game on his potato.

        Get bent.

  5. RTRubinas says:

    I was going to comment about how you need those things to report cheaters. Then I realized that if I was the company making the game, I would send the report button to nowhere, and let people feel like they were accomplishing something by reporting the cheaters, when in reality it’s a losing battle and they can’t possibly follow up on every one of the accounts that’s submitted to them.

    • Beefenstein says:

      It’s not a losing battle at all. PUBG has made tonnes of money. That is the opposite of lose.

  6. jgriff042 says:

    Or just have some real punishments for hacking a game… like you loose access to your steam, and everything that was in it, and all steam accounts logged into the ip while caught.. cry all you want but hackers dont deserve to play online games, if you are terrible at a game, keep practicing, dont cheat… cuz im just sick of playing games with people who just want to ruin it for everyone else

    • FlamingPyro420 says:

      if you wanna have a tantrum, go cry in your closet. Grow up and stop crying everytime a hacker kills you.

      • YouAreAnIdiot says:

        @FlamingPyro420 Fuck off, it’s a real problem. Let a guy vent by asking for a solution to it. If you are a cheater, go cheat in a single-player game and pretend you’re better than other people. Enjoy.

        If you aren’t a cheater, something’s wrong with you, fix it or fuck you.

        (Not saying there’s nothing wrong with cheaters)

        • Beefenstein says:

          Your username is an example of projection. Please seek professional help before you hurt people you love.

      • jgriff042 says:

        Listen here, the load that should have been swallowed. I’m in no way crying about anything, im just suggesting an alternative combatant to the hacker problem that will continue to plague online gaming. If anything i laugh at the hackers, because i know deep down inside most hackers, is just some kid who wants to be good at video games. :(

    • Beefenstein says:

      I think there should be real punishment for mis-spelling ‘lose’, for example having your fingers removed.

  7. Civilian says:

    Pertaining directly to this new update:
    The Zesty sunglasses don’t sync up correctly with the balaclava. It’s a buggy mess on your character’s face, another wonderful product by this company… But seriously, I’m baffled by how they didn’t catch this very basic flaw before releasing, especially on an update where they seemingly focused on the payed cosmetics… Just generally disappointed in the lack of responsibility with this company, wish they could start fixing some of their products.