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Custom Space-Crud: Habitat Adding Mod Support

Attack of the space-cocks

Our Alec had a fair bit of fun (with a few reservations) when he pootled around space in a ship built from burger bars, buses, T. rex heads, and rockets with Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit. But as wacky as ships can be in the spaceborne RTS now, they're nothing compared to what the Internet will surely add. As Habitat moves through Early Access, developers 4gency have announced they're working on support for mods adding custom ship parts. Soon, I imagine, you'll be able to charge into battle with a ship built from tadgers, bazongas, and that dog from that picture on the Internet. In the meantime, they've dropped a big new patch.

As half the fun in Habitat is building ships out of weird pieces--the Statue of Liberty's head, shipping containers, the space shuttle, tanks, boxing gloves--custom pieces should be lovely. They won't change the core experience, which Alec was undecided about, but 4gency are still working on that side too.

Update v0.20 arrived this week with the usual smattering of fixes and several big features. For starters, certain items now combo together to get a bonus, rewarding careful construction rather than slapping everything on higgledy-piggledy. As for physically placing parts, something Alec found a bit wonky, the patch works that over too. Construction is now on a grid, snapping to regular angles and tangents so everything's not quite so wonky. Joints are stronger now too, so ships are less likely to break into tiny pieces.

That's only a little of everything the updated added, so check the changelog for the rest. Habitat is still in Early Access, up on Steam and the usual places for £10.99.

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