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Statue Of Killity: Habitat's Momument-Sized Superweapons

Eiffel terror

I'm extremely unhappy that Nathan posted about Habitat when it was announced back in February, because as our resident American he was not able to make a joke about a defunct British chain of expensive homeware stores. But it's OK, here I am now, brimful of vacuous references to pine chairs and overcomplicated colanders. Everything's going to be OK.


Yeah, I'm out. Actually, Nathan was quite right to identify that what's exciting about Habitat is that it looks like Sim City meets Gravity. Going on the wonderful concept art above, that's not the half of it.

Sadly I'm not sure the presentation of the game itself can possibly live up to that image, but it's fun to dream. I just hope there's a ton of iconic Earth-momument salvage to construct absurdist bases and battlestations out of, and we don't find ourselves going "yes, yes, the Statue of Liberty head again, well done". You can see the Eiffel tower and what I think is the top of the Empire State building at the start of the trailer, but let's get some oddities in there too. How about Brighton chippy The Codfather? That Michael Jackson statue that got removed from Fulham FC? Or Rob Ford?

They've got a post-credits robo-dog in the trailer, at least:

Yeah, I could absolutely go for an offbeat building game that forces me to break from established routines. I suspect there's great scope for Dwarf Fortress-style accidental disasters on a grand scale too.

This "Strategic Space Survival Game" arrives on Steam Early Access next month, so we'll find out very soon. More details here.

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