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2K confirms user data stolen and placed on sale after recent security breach

They're still urging folks to change their password

2K Games have confirmed that personal data was stolen during a security breach last month. The game publisher had previously announced that their support services had been hacked and asked users not to open any links received from them via email. They're now contacting users whose information was accessed and made available for sale by the hackers.

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The email 2K has been sending affecting to users was shared via Reddit, as spotted by VGC. "We are contacting you to let you know that an unauthorized third party gained access to, and a copy of, a limited volume of your personal data held in 2K’s helpdesk system and made it available for sale," begins the message.

The personal data copied by the hackers includes user's name, email address, and gamertag. 2K say that there is "no indication that any [...] financial information or password(s)" were compromised.

2K Games reiterated the advice they gave last month, encouraging "all of our players" to reset passwords and enable multi-factor authentication if they haven't already.

The data breach took place as hackers were able to access to 2K's support platform and used it to send emails to users with a malicious link inside. As a result, 2K Games took their help deks offline while they investigated the issue, although it's back now and 2K say it's safe to use. Their email to affected users says that 2K "remain in communication with the appropriate law enforcement agencies."

This hack is also wholly unrelated to the security breach at 2K studio Rockstar, which led to the leak of footage of the in-development GTA 6.

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