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2K tee off their take on the PGA with PGA Tour 2K21 in August

Grab your clubs, kids

The PGA Tour is returning to the digital green after former stewards Electronic Arts took to the bench after 2015. 2K have taken over and put this year's golf 'em up in the hands of HB Studios who did The Golf Club series. HB are bringing their teexpertise to PGA Tour 2K21 and some other fresh simulation bits on August 21. Oh, and lots of polos with logos on 'em.

The cover gent for the year is Justin Thomas, who 2K say will be joined by 11 other PGA Tour pros wot I'm sure you'll be familiar with if you've got green thumbs. Oh, that's the wrong hobby innit? 2K21 will also have 15 PGA Tour courses "each of which was scanned using cutting-edge technology to bring the fairways, greens, bunkers, trees, lakes and ponds to life." You can lay out your own ball obstacle courses as well in the Course Designer.

2K say that PGA 2K21 is meant for the rookies and the veterans alike with features to support both. "Rookies can take advantage of real-time tutorials, tips and shot suggestions," they say, "while veterans can master their games with Pro Vision, Distance Control, Putt Preview and other innovations."

You can have an Online Society with your pals as well, which I'm trying not to imagine as some 1800's debate salon. Grabbing your friends locally or online will let you play out some alternate competition types like Alt-Shot, Stroke Play, Skins and 4-Player Scramble.

You can read a bit more about 2K's plans for their take on the PGA Tour in their announcement.

If you're eager to get back on the green, you'll be able to tee up on August 21st. You can find it over on Steam where it'll go for £50/€60/$60.

Okay, but am I the only one seeing these folks tee off to Let Me See Your Hips Swing imagining a bunch of golf pros in khakis and visors dancing terribly in a club?

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