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3D Realms announce explosive retro shooter Cultic and its demo

Kick cultists and kick dynamite

If you're hungry for throwback shooters, don't you worry. We aren't done here yet. 3D Realms announced another retro FPS during their Realms Deep showcase called Cultic. Developed by Jasozz Games, Cultic is styled as a shooter of yore about fighting your way through a cult with your arsenal of guns, traps, and excellent dodging skills. Better than just getting announced, Cultic has also dropped a demo for you to load up right now.

As with others in the current wave of 90s 'em ups, Cultic's developers say it's full of modern niceties like neat physics and nice lighting all wrapped up in the color palette of the early FPS days. They say Cultic is meant to give you a variety of approaches to combat.

"You can run in guns blazing, running, jumping, sliding, and dodging to keep out of harms way. If you prefer a slower approach, you can lay traps, let your enemies come to you, and pick them off from the safety of cover."

Watch on YouTube

The reveal trailer up there mostly shows off the loud and guns blazing style. There's a heck of a lot of headshots, some underwater shooting, kicking dynamite at enemies, and at least one tactical chair toss.

If that's your kind of action, you don't even have to wait to try it. Cultic already has a demo that you can find over on Steam.

3D Realms showed off that fantasy retro FPS Graven at Realms Deep last year, for what it's worth, which launched in early access this May. Cultic doesn't appear to be going the early access route though, according to its Steam page. 3D Realms don't mention a release date for Cultic other than that it's "coming soon".

If you were wanting to catch the rest of the Realms Deep event, you can watch all that over here.

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