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Miegakure Is Twisting My Melon, Man

New trailer for 4D puzzle-platformer

Puzzle-platformers cause enough trouble for my weak wits even with only two dimensions, let alone three, so I'm still a bit baffled by Miegakure moving into four. It's not 3D with some Braid-y time-twisty shenanigans on top, oh no, but four-dimensional space, a theoretical realm of existence that our meagre meatbags are too stupid to experience. Look, have a gander at a new trailer and see what you make of it.

Creator Marc ten Bosch explains that "at the press of a button one of the dimensions is exchanged with the fourth dimension, allowing for four-dimensional movement." Obviously. He's said that we needn't fully understand 4D space to play, in the same way that a child with a ball can play with gravity. That's me: a child with a space-ball, tossing it against a pretty, pretty wall.

Our Jim recently played Miegakure, saying "it could be very important indeed."

Watching a video clearly will never a good way to experience this, but it'll have to do for now. Four years after landing an IGF nomination, there's still no firm word on when the game will launch.

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