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Get Your Head Around This: Miegakure's 4D Puzzling

That's four spatial dimensions, not any of that 'time' nonsense

After the last time we saw 4D puzzle-platformer Miegakure, when I was baffled by it all, I went back and re-read Flatland. Learning to think in a new spatial dimension we're unable to see or experience can't be that difficult, can it? Creator Marc ten Bosch has finally explained quite how it works with a new trailer, showing how one can slip into the fourth dimension to walk through (or, technically, around) a wall. I think I'm starting to get it. Maybe. Come see.

Here, watch this video and read the accompanying blog post for the low-down. I couldn't possibly summarise it concisely and correctly.

Get it? Got it? Sort of but not entirely? Okay, that's fine. Maybe it'll help to read Marc's explanation that "From the perspective of a regular 3D observer standing next to the wall the player character would suddenly disappear, and a few moments later reappear on the other side of the wall (assuming the player character is very thin along the fourth dimension)." And this is before we have 4D shapes involved.

Our Jim took to Miegakure quickly when he played it earlier this year, so I imagine it'll all become a lot clearer when we're actually controlling the shifts ourselves, curious hands reaching and feeling out something we can't see. Still no word on when we'll all get to play it.

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