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8 player co-op zombie smasher No More Room In Hell 2 releases in early access this October

That’s the spooky month, don’t you know

a big bad zombo in No More Room In Hell 2
Image credit: Torn Banner

Taking that famous quote from Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead, then sticking a ‘2’ on the end because that’s how sequels work, No More Room In Hell 2 is an eight player co-op horror from Chivalry 2 bods Torn Banner. It’s been teased for a while now, but now it’s got a release month: this October, 2024. Shamble hungrily toward the trailer below

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Looking at the Steam page, there’s a few different bloody chunks of idea-meat that look to separate this one from the limping pack. All eight players start at different points on the map, communicating, scavenging, and hopefully meeting up to survive the onslaught. The undead are highly reactive to noise, and since permadeath is a big feature, every single loss really stings for the survival chances of the remaining humans. I quite enjoyed the below bit of info, since shaking in the darkness with a beer bottle is how I like to spend my Saturdays.

you’ll go from shaking in the darkness with only a beer bottle, to forming a fully stocked co-op squad with assault rifles and explosives. An ever-present threat remains: if any responder dies, all of their progress is lost.

Only one map for the early access release, but it’s supposed to be a massive one. You’ll work together to make it toward the centre as the difficulty increases. Personally, I’m a little burnt out on zombo games in general, but I had such a great time with Chivarly 2 I might just sink some time into this one.

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