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Torrenting Handbags: 868-HACK Is Out

Happy nightmares

Back in 1873, it was the norm of the day for 'magazines' to publish 'reviews' of games weeks before said games went on sale. Now that humanity can't hold anything in its memory for more than fourteen seconds, reviews tend to hit the insta-second a game goes on sale. Pretty silly of me to publish a Wot I Think of Michael Brough's amazing/terrifying cyberpunkish rogueliteish 868-HACK over a week before its release then, eh? Let's correct that right now: 868-HACK is now on sale, here's my WIT if you missed it, and below is a very funny live-action trailer spoofing the ill-judged anti-piracy ads which once blighted Blighty's DVDs.

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It's not just funny trailers with an impressive excess of random wiring, though. 868-HACK is great, honestly. It's super-clever, super-compulsive, doesn't talk down to you and is a little bit like being trapped inside a nightmare. Except in a good way?

Oh, one thing I should add is that dev Michael 'Smestorp' Brough (he of Corrpyt) has added (Steam-powered) leaderboards in a slightly later build of the game than the one I had for review.

The game's been out on iOS for ever, but can now be bought for PC right here. It's just under £5/$6. I just used a VPN purely to work out how much it was in the US. I hope you're impressed.

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