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A Beta View Of MechWarrior And PlanetSide 2

What do MechWarrior Online and PlanetSide 2 have in common? Well, they both have robots, guns, cold levels that affect gameplay, free-to-play options, explosions, planets, sides, walking, death, life, founder's programs, other kinds of robots, rocks, trees, smoke, and battles that tickle fancies and funny bones. Also, war.

Oh, and they're both in beta. I knew I was going somewhere with this. Anyway, videos!

First up, there's MechWarrior. It's bringing a quick blast of open beta footage, but it all looks nicely impressive. PlanetSide, meawhile, gets a much meatier reel in the form of some extremely explodey highlights of the Black Widow Company, a player group so good that SOE's decided to briefly give them the spotlight. Apparently, this is set to become a regular thing, so email the derisively named if you think your company's up to par.

Also, related: PlanetSide 2's Australian servers are live now. If your virtual existence was a spirit-crushing, boot-eating marsh of lag before, you might want to have another go at it. Anyway, this evening's special feature is about to begin. So dim the lights, put the kids to bed, and-- oops, they're already over.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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