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Lo Dideth He Say 'Ooo': A Light In Chorus Looks Heavenly

My god, it's full of stars


A Light In Chorus' creators claim it's "a game that’s more concerned about mood and feel than win-states," and I think they might just be onto something. I feel like I just skinny dipped in the night sky, and it was only a little weird.

OK, that was all very pretty and almost hypnotically peaceful, but how will it actually work? Developers Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw explained it. Sorta.

"Our game is about navigation, cultural ancestry and sparkly things. It’s also a musical instrument in the form of a landscape, one whose notes are made playable through travel and exploration."

"A Light in Chorus is an exploration game set in a world made entirely of particles. It’s probably fair to say that it’s a game that’s more concerned about mood and feel than win-states. You move around the world as a reconfigurable swarm of points - adopting the shapes of things around you, illuminating hidden landscapes, and revealing shadowy fragments of a much larger mystery."

Very early videos show off more of the shape-shifting, but current stuff seems more focused on first-person strolling. Apparently, however, you'll be able to switch between first and third-person perspectives in order to change forms, solve puzzles, and do other things of that nature.

There are also star deer. Who doesn't love star deer?

A Light In Chorus looks like such a gorgeous, earnest thing. I will wish upon the stars that it turns out great. It doesn't have a release date yet, but it seems to be making good progress. More soon, hopefully.

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