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A Little Bigger Planet: Project Spark

E3 is full of whoops and hollers. Watching a livestream of Microsoft's announcements last night, I swear I heard somebody chanting 'XBOX XBOX' as if they were at a cup final cheering on their favourite team rather than witnesses to a madly expensive and deranged corporate sales pitch*. The presentation of Project Spark generated some laughter and enthusiasm as well. It's a game that's also a game construction set, although with a far greater similarity to Gameglobe than Little Big Planet. It's coming to next generation user interfaces (Windows 8) as well as the XBone. There are three videos below, one of which shows 'community creations'. What community? How many people are playing this thing already?

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Wow. SmartGlass is far more impressive when it's CGI. Here's the 'community montage' in which clones of other games are constructed.

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Now for the most informative video, which actually shows what happens when somebody plays the game.

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Infinite possibilities lead to a third-person action adventure full of goblins. And there's the reference to the community again. I'm sure he's a nice chap but Michael R Soft did not download that AI routine from a non-existent community. His words are the verbal equivalent of a blatant bullshot.

*I am fully aware that all sports teams and cups are sponsored by banks and beer

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